Translation of ruddy in Spanish:


rubicundo, adj.

Pronunciation: /ˈrədi//ˈrʌdi/


  • 1

    (complexion/face/cheeks) rubicundo
    (sunset/glow/light/sky) rojizo
    • He had a mop of blond hair and a ruddy complexion.
    • She had never looked upon the ruddy face of Gryth's oldest son.
    • The guard's ruddy face flushed and he looked away.
    • He nodded to the man, whose ruddy face was turning even redder, and took several steps in my direction.
    • So the golden sun brightened the sky and stained the trees and ocean ruddy pink.
    • Most of the life in the universe could bask in the ruddy light of red dwarfs.
    • Linn has pale blue eyes, a ruddy wind-burned face, and a wad of chewing tobacco in his mouth.
    • We all turned to see the principal standing there, his face taking on a ruddy color at the sight of the mess.
    • Camp was set up in short order and soon a blazing fire lit the face of the edifice in a ruddy, wavering light.
    • His dark blonde hair was soaked with sweat and his face was flushed and ruddy.
    • A few lights blinked out across the desert-like prairie, a land of strong, ruddy dawns and drawn, bluish-yellow evenings.
    • Reynolds painted his florid, bald, ruddy countenance many times, and for decades less distinguished portraits swung outside countless taverns.
    • He has a ruddy, open face - he laughs a lot - and an oddly guileless manner.
    • As she had predicted, the stain on the back of her skirt did not come out, and in the time she had been sitting, it had faded the red material to ruddy beige.
    • Brown eyes stare back at me from beneath black eyebrows above a ruddy face framed by thick black hair which melts into a long, well-groomed beard.
    • The fire in the grate smoked up the room and all faces were ruddy with warmth and intoxication.
    • We were standing outside the Monitor's office in the harsh afternoon sun and now Short, a compact woman with a ruddy complexion, took a drag on her cigarette.
    • The victim of the first attempted burglary described the intruder as in his mid 30s, with a ruddy complexion, sandy hair, and wearing black gloves and a light shirt.
    • The suspect is white, 5ft 10 in, of medium build with dark brown receding closely cropped hair, brown eyes and ruddy complexion and has a deep voice with a Yorkshire accent.
    • He is described as white, about six feet two inches tall aged in his mid to late 30s. with a large build, a shaved head, a ruddy complexion and a distinctive Liverpool accent.
    • His immediate impression was one of stifling heat and dim ruddy red light.
    • People with fair, freckled skin, a ruddy complexion, or red hair are more susceptible to sunburn than others, but everyone is susceptible to some degree.
    • I guess my face was all ruddy and my black hair covered in snow and ice even below the fur-hat, but I wasn't paying any attention to that.
    • He was a man of thirty-four or thirty-five years of age, dressed in some grey material, sharp-nosed, alert, with a ruddy, weather-beaten face, and a small, closely cropped, black beard.
    • She was dressed in a normal housemaid's uniform, but her face was ruddy and she looked like she'd spent her entire life in the country.
    • The desert coast gave way to the low palms of the Nile delta, and the sea turned ruddy from the fresh water flow of the great river.
    • She had black hair and a ruddy face, and was humming merrily as she sliced bread at the table.
    • At night we returned ruddy faced and tired, but elated by vigorous exercise in such inspiring surroundings.
  • 2Britishinformal, dated

    maldito informal
    condenado informal
    where's my ruddy wallet? ¿dónde está mi maldita / condenada billetera? informal
    • as adverb that was a ruddy stupid thing to do fue una solemne estupidez
    • On the same basis, skiers should be warned that those plank things on their feet could cause them to slide downhill rather rapidly and hangmen that their gallows were a bit unsafe because of that ruddy great trapdoor.
    • I says to him, 'I'm not answering your bloody questions,' I says, 'I've already told your girl out there, I'm not going to ruddy St Mary's and that's that.'
    • The independent suspension soaks up all manner of road imperfections from concrete joins to ruddy great holes quietly and without a jolt.
    • ‘If anything's broken, I'm telling you, you can ruddy well pay for it’.
    • I don't even ruddy well know where he works, or what he is!