Translation of rudimentary in Spanish:


rudimentario, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌrudəˈmɛnt(ə)ri//ˌruːdɪˈmɛnt(ə)ri/


  • 1

    (knowledge/principle) rudimentario
    • With only a rudimentary education in Afrikaans they are denied access to a functional mastery of English.
    • In remote areas, there are not even roads let alone rudimentary education and health facilities.
    • They had few rights and a very rudimentary education, in some cases none if the money was not available to pay for it.
    • One of my proudest achievements as an adult is having picked up a rudimentary understanding of test cricket.
    • Health and education services are rudimentary or non-existent.
    • He spoke no English until the age of 12 and received only a rudimentary education.
    • A rudimentary understanding of the inner-workings of cars is recommended but some beginners' classes start at square one.
    • The introduction is quite rudimentary, suitable for complete beginners to programming.
    • School inspectors' reports suggest that education was rudimentary.
    • A large proportion are children who have barely obtained rudimentary education and live in shacks without basic amenities.
    • Field commanders were tethered to and limited by a very rudimentary logistics infrastructure.
    • Local priests were drawn largely from the peasant communities they served and were probably afforded only rudimentary education.
    • Medical, education and public infrastructure is almost non-existent and what is there is rudimentary.
    • As a result of the mismatches, selection was made according to rudimentary principles.
    • The French built an infrastructure and created a rudimentary education system.
    • His rudimentary education prompted Lumumba to appoint him as his secretary for the duration of the negotiations.
    • The majority lack access to the most rudimentary services - health, education, welfare and even roads.
    • Several hours earlier we had been given a rudimentary map, told how to switch the engine on or off and that was it.
    • Having been brought up in the small village of Snitterfield he is likely to have received only a rudimentary education, and seems not to have learned to write.
    • The two events got me thinking about Adam Smith because, in some rudimentary way, they relate to a question of supply and demand.
    • U.S. officials believe that a rudimentary missile defence system might be operational by 2005.
  • 2

    (partially developed)
    • It has one set of compound eyes like a fly's, one set of simple, rudimentary eyes, and multiple photoreceptors on its telson.
    • The imaginal discs now develop into rudimentary adult appendages like wings, legs, and antennae.
    • The anterior tibial may be absent, rudimentary, or highly developed.
    • The long bones of the limbs appeared as rudimentary ossicles.
    • They occur frequently in the mines, which often lack even rudimentary safety equipment such as ventilators to disperse the gas.
    • The first digit, or dew claw, is rudimentary but clawed and does not contact the ground.
    • Still another unusual feature which appeared in some of the later sauropods was rudimentary body armor.
    • In the early seventies, aviation throwbacks would haul their rudimentary hang gliders up some remote hillock and leap off.
    • In rare cases the first thoracic rib may be rudimentary and similar in appearance to cervical ribs.
    • There is no evidence that primates have any, even rudimentary, human-like insight into the effect of their communications.
    • Even as embryos, we possess many anatomical features of our future adult bodies, albeit often in rudimentary form.
    • When I first got into it, the visual language of television animation was very, very rudimentary.
    • Although there is no substantive evidence of apes having a theory of mind, they may possess its precursor - a rudimentary self-awareness.
    • Mallory had only rudimentary oxygen equipment, no radio, a basic cotton tent and hobnail boots.
    • They have small, rudimentary clavicles, a small procoracoid process, no syrinx, and reduced caeca.
    • Individuals have large broad heads with rudimentary eyes hidden under the skin.
    • Occasionally babies are born without a thumb or with a rudimentary thumb.
    • In his shabby Cologne apartment in 1973, Brinkmann used rudimentary means to improvise on a few scraps of paper.
    • Science has only a rudimentary internal moral navigation system.
    • The rudimentary external genitalia are similarly common to male and female in the early weeks of fetal life.