Translation of ruffle in Spanish:


volante, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrəfəl//ˈrʌf(ə)l/


  • 1

    volante masculine
    volado masculine River Plate
    vuelo masculine Chile
    • Once it had been clean and beautiful, with ruffles and lace.
    • She wore a flowing pale yellow skirt with ruffles and a silken blouse with puffed sleeves.
    • The arms stopped at the elbow in a double ruffle edged with lace and the whole outfit was set off with a matching choker.
    • Corsages, ruffles, patches, rosettes, ribbons, buttons, rivets and safety pins are all very popular with fashion folk this summer.
    • Edith wore a sweet pink gingham dress with a white ruffle at the hem and a white apron.
    • He wore pitch-black pants and a black shirt with understated ruffles at the neck and sleeves.
    • The only shirts I own and wear are completely plain, all without ruffles or frills of any kind - in fact, I would have thought they were totally indistinguishable from men's shirts.
    • Do not wear blouses with fancy details and ruffles.
    • The garment is often trimmed with lace, ruffles, bows and ribbons, optionally with spaghetti straps.
    • She appeared in a white suit jacket with an apricot blouse and a prim ruffle down the front.
    • His shirt had a few ruffles on it and his pants were short.
    • And then there was the mix of calico, structured ruffles and sculptural pleats all in one outfit.
    • My very favorite skirt has a subtle ruffle along the hem, it's not ultra-girly but it gives it a little something extra.
    • It's not like a newborn cares about bows and ruffles, and it's not like she'll grow up any more or less feminine as a result of what she wears.
    • You're a prime candidate for divided skirts, tiered skirts and those with hemline ruffles.
    • Detailing on the waistline was simple, yet classic, a departure from the days when clothes having excessive lace and ruffles were considered the in-thing.
    • While I will put my boys in girls' clothes, I do have standards: I avoid ribbons, lace, frilly ruffles, little pink flowers, and sequins.
    • Look out for soft ruffles, velvet ribbons and frills.
    • Scalloped edges, lace and ruffles infuse the clothes with motion and make for an exciting silhouette.
    • It's almost a throw-back to the 19th Century of ruffles and lace.
  • 2

    the breeze caused a slight ruffle on the smooth waters la brisa rizó levemente las aguas tranquilas literary

transitive verb

  • 1

    (disturb, mess)
    (hair) alborotar
    (hair) despeinar
    (feathers) erizar
    (clothes) arrugar
    (water) agitar
    (water) rizar literary
    • He stared out over the ocean, the breeze ruffling his clothing.
    • The outside air breezed in, ruffling women's dresses in the process.
    • Brian laughed and ruffled her hair affectionately.
    • Snorkel early in the day, before Hawaii's trade winds ruffle the surface and stir up sand in the water, which reduces visibility.
    • Trent chuckled and ruffled my hair affectionately.
    • He ruffled her hair affectionately, and then, as if at an afterthought, pulled her close into a hug.
    • A strong breeze ruffles the surface of the lake.
    • In the end, Lady Eleanor settled for a tender, parting kiss on each boy's forehead, affectionately ruffling his hair as she did so.
    • A light onshore breeze ruffled the surface of the bay, a few feet away I watched a turkey buzzard or vulture fly by.
    • He grabbed my head and ruffled my hair affectionately.
    • She ruffled his pale blonde hair, laughing when he jerked away.
    • Ruth ruffled Elizabeth's hair affectionately, much to the girls' annoyance.
    • Emily smiled down at her son and ruffled his hair affectionately.
    • It is somehow extremely loud and is followed by a long moment of utter silence and calm during which the breeze gently ruffles the pleated hem of the woman's blue burqa.
    • There was a static snap as the television turned on and Reid walked back, ruffling my hair affectionately as he swept past me and into the next room.
    • The air was warm and a slight breeze ruffled the trees.
    • I was contemplating opening my window to see if there was a breeze to ruffle my curtains when I heard it.
    • A slight breeze ruffles the new leaves on the trees and discovers a discarded morning newspaper on a bench.
    • The next morning I woke to sun shining on my face and a soft breeze ruffling the curtains.
    • Someone had opened a window and the cool morning breeze drifted in and ruffled the white hospital curtains.
    • As when a breeze ruffles the surface of a reflecting pool, ripples ran rapidly across her vision, momentarily distorting the figures.
    • She kissed him on the forehead and ruffled his already messy hair.
    • These are your family men who ruffle their kids' hair and leave for office everyday in their neat clothes.
    • Now that there was a light breeze ruffling through the flags the castle seemed more intimidating now.
    • Everyone was quiet; the only thing heard was the slight breeze ruffling the leaves.
    • A breeze ruffled the grass, and raised waves through the pasture.
    • The father laughs and jovially ruffles his son's hair.
    • He grinned contentedly as he ruffled my already tangled hair.
    • That night, when it was quiet, and all that could be heard was the slight hush of a breeze ruffling the trees' leaves.
    • She ruffled his thick hair affectionately and laughed.
    • Hiking a slope to the east, I rose above one of the world's great mountain scenes, trout leaping in the lazy creek and a breeze ruffling the spruce trees.
    • It was an exquisite fall day, drenched in sunlight with a soft breeze ruffling the brightly colored leaves.
    • I smiled and ruffled his hair, messing it up even more.
    • Juliet ruffles his hair, destroying the very conscious disorder Benny strove to achieve.
    • She ruffled Will's hair affectionately and smiled at me.
    • Before she could stop herself, she had leaned over and ruffled his blond hair affectionately.
    • Mrs Clarke smiled at her daughter, ruffling her hair affectionately.
    • He gave her an incredulous stare and continued pulling her towards the window, which was still open, the soft breeze ruffling the curtains.
    • A cool night breeze ruffled the curtains of the window and swept in a fragrance of spicy earth.
    • He planted himself in the armchair next to me, ruffling my hair affectionately as he sat down.
  • 2

    (irritate, upset)
    (person) alterar
    (person) contrariar
    to ruffle sb's pride herir el orgullo de algn
    • He was easily ruffled, which led to tension headaches and high blood pressure.
    • Great champions are often ruffled, sometimes shaken, but never spooked.
    • If he should rage, his act will not ruffle me, for I shall play the wise man's part and practice a smooth-tempered self-control!
    • It didn't ruffle him in the slightest; if anything, his smile broadened.
    • Instead of looking at the big picture, we became unduly ruffled by near-term issues.
    • It would take someone a lot more important than you to ruffle me.
    • It was nice to know that something could ruffle the pompous guard.
    • Perhaps that's the problem; her singing is almost always sunny - violent emotions don't ruffle her composure for long.
    • Yet she has never allowed petty jealousies to ruffle her.
    • His reaction to the film, reportedly based on the life of his father, is in keeping with his nature - the question does not ruffle his equanimity.
    • I was ruffled and quickly reacted by sending up the windows.
    • Nothing seemed to ruffle him and, what he may have lacked in attentiveness, he made up in luck.
    • She could tell that he was ruffled, but he wasn't able to come up with anything to say until she was clearly out of his radius.
    • I was briefly ruffled, because few things are held as closely and protectively as one's musical preferences.
    • The officials are keenly aware they risk ruffling customers by straying outside the boundaries of its conservative styling.
    • Aaron had been so cool and composed a moment ago, as if nothing in the world could ruffle him.
    • She was ruffled by the King's unchanging expression and tone of voice.
    • Normally nothing ruffled his composure, and yet there he was, blushing like a callow youth at the sight of her ankle.