Translation of rug in Spanish:


alfombra, n.

Pronunciation /rəɡ//rʌɡ/


  • 1

    (small carpet)
    alfombra feminine
    alfombrilla feminine
    tapete masculine Mexico Colombia
    bug, rug
    • It is very important to dry rugs and carpets as soon as possible to prevent mildew, a spreading gray-white mold that stains and rots fabrics.
    • Iran's handwoven carpets and rugs are made of either silk or wool, and use special knots dating from the Middle Ages.
    • Today's carpets and rugs come in a wide range of options, from rich cut piles and patterned berbers to fabric-inspired braids, that work well with today's favorite looks.
    • A Turcoman carpet merchant would always give food to a poor man who came to him and a small amount of money from each sale went into a coffer for widows and orphans.
    • It used to be an old distribution business of imported carpet and rugs.
    • Carpet and rugs can be purchased with special fibers or treatments built into them which will eliminate the static electricity problem.
    • Always place portable heaters on a level, hard, nonflammable surface - not on carpets or rugs.
    • A goatskin rug covers the carpet in front of a brass fireplace with marble surround and wooden mantelpiece.
    • Kurtas, short kurtas, cushion covers, bags, bedspreads, rugs, carpets and a whole lot of other items would be on display at the expo.
    • Vacuum and dust regularly and avoid rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting, especially in your child's room.
    • You can choose from an array of carpets, rugs, hardwoods, laminates, ceramic tile and even home products including pillows, wall hangings and throws.
    • While wooden floorboards have become the flooring of choice for many Irish homemakers, carpets and rugs have seen their fortunes decline.
    • Tidy away any excess of coats and shoes lying around to make the hall look instantly bigger, and brighten a well-worn carpet with cheap rugs.
    • Furniture, televisions, other electrical appliances, carpets and rugs often contain chemicals that are stain repellent or fire retardant.
    • The company began to sell carpets and rugs direct to customers in the area from its factory shop after it rose from the ashes, and this aspect of the business has become just as important as the commercial side.
    • Antique carpets and rugs are mostly imported from China, Persia, India, Afghanistan, Caucasus and Turkey.
    • The Turks have a history of empire and the country is a place of bazaars, rugs and carpets, strong coffee and many other delights.
    • Sarajevo and Mostar are well known for the wool rugs and carpets their artisans produce.
    • Traffic was kept away and an array of colourful stalls filled the street, selling items as varied as rugs and carpets, clothes, herbal drinks and antique jewellery.
    • The living and work environments should be assessed to remove safety hazards such as loose rugs and carpets, poor lighting, and obstacles.
    • Allowing carpets and rugs to become excessively soiled will make cleaning more difficult and will shorten their useful life.
  • 2

    manta de viaje feminine
    • When he was lowered to the ground, his box was tipped on its side to enable an emotional Blaine to stagger out wrapped in a rug.
    • But stoics take rugs, umbrellas, thick coats and bracing amounts of booze.
    • In total the club, which includes about six other members, have crocheted about 56 blankets ranging from knee rugs to baby blankets.
    • On a fine night the gardens are magical, dotted with folding chairs, tartan rugs and carefully chosen food that won't cause unwanted sound later.
    • During the summer months, the light lasts well into the evening while passengers sit on deck, wrapped in rugs, marvelling at the beauty of the glaciers.
    • Drafted in 1963, it presently remains in law that gramophones, travelling rugs, and typewriters are our most at-risk goods.
  • 3US informal

    peluquín masculine
    tupé masculine
    • I was actually disappointed that his tresses were not the result of a bad rug.
    • One in 10 is tempted to conceal her wayward tresses under a rug when it becomes frizzy, dry, dull or takes on a life of its own.
    • Don't they realize every person knows immediately they have implants, same way you can always tell a guy who's wearing a rug?
    • A man wearing a blue sports coat and a rug on his head moved up to the standing mike.
    • The bad rug worn by Douglas is worth a good laugh.
    • I hereby sentence the actors to get a haircut so they won't need to wear the bad rugs.