Translation of ruinous in Spanish:


ruinoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈruənəs//ˈruːɪnəs/


  • 1

    (debt/policy/decision) ruinoso
    a ruinous war una guerra ruinosa
    • the investment proved ruinous to the company la inversión resultó ruinosa para la compañía
    • If having an 80 percent titular majority has helped Lithuania consolidate a democracy, it did not help Russia, and it had a ruinous effect on Uzbekistan.
    • The dangers of teenage experimentation are somehow much less ruinous for boys.
    • The story of Imperialism is by no means over; those of us who live in the West benefit daily from its ruinous practices, and those in the decolonising world remain burdened by its dehumanising legacy.
    • If the commercial and social heart of the regional capital were allowed to weaken any further, the consequences for the entire region would be ruinous.
    • This ruinous legacy continues to reassert itself at each crucial turn of the country's history.
    • The consequences of this will be ruinous to the political parties.
    • The Herald was to have a long battle with Mr Wright, culminating in a ruinous libel action which the paper won leaving the politician with huge costs.
    • The effects of lead in children are widespread and ruinous, and unlike so many other problems it really could be eliminated by simply throwing money at it.
    • Will the rules be rigged in favour of the rich so that Europe and the US can go on dumping their subsidised agricultural surpluses onto developing countries' markets with ruinous effect?
    • All extant religious traditions, to him, are without exception ‘intellectually defunct and politically ruinous.’
    • The past 18 months have been ruinous for Gough, who has had to endure three operations on his right knee.
    • The ruinous effect of good intentions is a classic dramatic theme: Ibsen dealt with it tragically in The Wild Duck, and Ayckbourn comically in Joking Apart.
    • The state and city have continued on this ruinous course.
    • The ruinous effects of World War I, combined with internal pressures, sparked the March 1917 uprising that led Tsar Nicholas II to abdicate the throne.
    • For their disregard of the ruinous and destructive consequences of a hyperindustrialism without end, is itself a form of aggravated nostalgia.
    • This sensitive drama about the ruinous effect of poverty on the aspirations of ordinary people works on many levels - as social statement, psychological portrait, and spiritual tragedy.
    • She is scared of the ruinous power of the media, for visual signs carry much greater importance in the civilized world than words.
    • Is it possible our society become so Nietzchean and socially Darwinian that motherhood is one of the most ruinous choices a woman can make?
    • It also demonstrates that designers and clients don't often see the same thing when they look at a work of graphic design: a request to enlarge a line of type can have a ruinous effect on a layout, but it's rarely a factor that troubles a client.
    • The ruinous effect of the discriminatory acts on Mr Scott's morale and well-being had been spelt out in medical evidence which the tribunal accepted and to which we will turn when we deal with the psychiatric injury.