Translation of rule in Spanish:


regla, n.

Pronunciation /ruːl//rul/


  • 1

    (regulation, principle)
    regla feminine
    norma feminine
    to observe/break the rules observar / acatar/infringir las reglas / normas
    • a set of rules un reglamento
    • the rules of tennis el reglamento del tenis
    • it's against the rules to take photographs in here está prohibido sacar fotos aquí
    • rules and regulations reglamento
    • to bend / stretch the rules apartarse un poco de las reglas
    • the rules of the game las reglas del juego
    • the rule of three la regla de tres
    • (in workplace disputes) to work to rule trabajar a reglamento
    • rule of thumb regla general
    • as a rule of thumb como regla general
    • my rule of thumb would be ... como regla general yo diría que ...
    • Over here, the estate agent is governed by very strict rules, regulations.
    • Every Hollywood blockbuster operates by these rules to some extent, but few, if any push this style to this extreme.
    • Clay also has rules - discipline - which must be followed initially, as you are learning to work with the medium.
    • The Internet operates by very different rules from other electronic information systems.
    • Once again, we cannot want a world that operates by these rules - but that is the world we would be promoting.
    • In any market-place, buyers and sellers need rules which govern their conduct and prevent abuses of their respective positions.
    • There have to be some rules which govern procedures of courts.
    • One can demonstrate to skeptics the explicit rules which govern a skill, or a game, but not those which govern an art.
    • There are strict rules and regulations governing these types of events.
    • Evidently you, your editor, and your organization do not operate under the same rules of journalism.
    • They will explore issues such as discipline, rules, playing with their child and rewarding for good behaviour.
    • A broadway parish councillor is urging his fellow members to rethink a controversial new rule, which he feels limits a villager's opportunity to be heard.
    • It is not possible to lay down rigid rules, as each case will depend on its own circumstances.
    • Help them understand that their rules and regulations are a bit severe.
    • A spokesman for the facility said that under the rules and regulations governing prison staff the accused cannot be suspended from duty.
    • Both parents agreed that Alana requires structure and discipline, rules and guidance.
    • Competition was artificial, and took place according to codes of rules and the conventions of fair play.
    • There are certain things that enhance health, including the maintenance of basic rules of hygiene, religious practices and respecting norms of behaviour.
    • It is a descriptive fact that some people do eat peas with a knife, just as many speakers of English do not follow the rules of prescriptive grammars.
    • When Sun-hwa is dragged into her life of prostitution, she is also brought into a world that operates under completely different rules.
    • We need to have some rules and regulations governing driving on a commercial basis for income.
    • Homicide detectives follow some pretty straightforward rules in murder investigations.
    • As a result, water is now subject to the same rules and regulations governing other commodities, such as oil and natural gas.
    • The first rule for controlling rose diseases is prevention.
    • These managers rode roughshod over the rules that govern corporate activity and betrayed the trust of the investors.
    • The proposals are the latest in a number of regulations involving the rules governing the supply and use of fireworks.
    • To get through it unscathed, we all have to play by our own rules as much as possible.
    • Property purchase procedures, rules and regulations vary enormously around the world.
    • He said he did not understand the document explaining rules and procedures for taxi drivers from the council.
    • People and the physical world do not operate solely by the rules of deductive logic, therefore deductive logic is insufficient to solve problems in the real world.
    • Once the bin is full, the rules of composting say that you should turn the material in the bin every few weeks.
    • Silicon Valley is still operating under the rules and values I described nearly three years ago.
    • In your home, your house rules dictate who says and does what.
  • 2

    (general practice, habit)
    as a rule generalmente
    • the general rule is that I get home first por regla general / generalmente soy yo quien llega primero a casa
    • corruption seems to be the rule these days la corrupción parece ser la norma hoy en día
    • I make it a rule to reply promptly to letters tengo por norma contestar las cartas enseguida
    • In the history of art they are the rule rather than the exception.
    • It's become the norm rather than the rule, and it does nothing to enhance the credibility of the medical profession.
    • Signals, carriages and engines all need major upgrading while delays, derailments and breakdowns are the rule rather than the exception.
    • Knowing the results show most are late, we hope less stigma is attached to finishing late, as it is the rule rather than the exception.
    • Organizations that face trying conditions with catastrophic potential have now become the rule rather than the exception.
    • To date this has been the exception rather than the rule, resulting in children becoming therapeutic orphans sometimes with tragic consequences.
    • Starvation is mercifully the exception rather than the rule - when it still exists, it is the result of social inequality rather than an absolute failure to produce food.
    • Those digital tools still represent the exception rather than the rule, but old media is finally beginning to put new media to work on real audience needs.
    • Nor does it rule out individual cases of badly managed towns; it just means they are the exception, rather than the rule.
    • At first it was optional but soon it became a habit and finally the rule.
    • There was a time, decades ago, when third-level education was the exception rather than the rule in Irish society; that is no longer the case.
    • Ben is putting more controls in place so that this sort of thing stays an exception to the rule, rather than the norm.
    • Meldrew and Greengrass, though, are the exceptions rather than the rule, she says.
    • Mallatt argues that such internal arches were the rule, rather than the exception, despite the lack of specific fossil evidence.
    • From what I hear from patients everyday, you would think that fast and abstinence is the rule rather than exception.
    • Guilt is the reference to the rule or norm and the implied or stated fact that the child is bad for not adhering to it.
    • But York is the exception rather than the rule, Mr Hinchliffe says.
    • One lorry contained some very fine items of bedroom and sitting room furniture at good prices but this was the exception rather than the rule on the day.
    • In the study of environmental toxins, the causation of diverse effects is usually the rule rather than the exception.
    • As with other forms of prejudice such stereotypes are largely false - for example, it is the exception rather than the rule for older people to become confused.
  • 3

    (government) gobierno masculine
    (of monarch) reinado masculine
    it was under foreign/Ottoman rule estaba bajo dominio extranjero/bajo el dominio otomano
    • the rule of law el imperio de la ley
    • they moved from military to civilian rule pasaron de un gobierno militar a uno civil
    • the rule of the Tudors el reinado de los Tudor
    • However, more than 500 years of Muslim rule in the area left a lasting legacy.
    • During the decades of Soviet rule, the government controlled the economy.
    • We found that there were many countries in the area where Soviet rule had either banned music or modified instruments.
    • Democracy has been conveniently thrown out the door and in its wake imperialist and dictatorial rule reign supreme.
    • During its sixty years of colonial rule, Britain controlled the population by fomenting regional and ethnic divisions.
    • There is no stipulation of a time limit for US political rule and economic control over the country's resources.
    • Lasting only ten months before Spain resumed control, Britain's rule was of short duration.
    • Frustrated residents have formed a new group to try to win back a ‘no-go area’ from yob rule.
    • When independence was declared in 1962, the area reverted to Tutsi rule.
    • They held great power, and the British, while in control of the country, allowed for local rule in remote areas.
    • Julius Caesar's assassination in 44 BC was followed by the development of imperial rule, headed by the first emperor, Augustus.
    • But then, if you remember - it was salt-making that Gandhi chose as his first symbolic challenge to British imperial rule over India.
    • However the price that had to be paid, was a strict and oppressive rule that controlled even the most trivial things of everyday's life.
    • The invasion was preceded by a concerted press campaign demonising the Spanish for their tyrannical and brutal colonial rule.
    • Three years later Ieyasu established the Tokugawa shogunate at Edo that would last until the re-establishment of imperial rule in 1868.
    • Ulster was always the largest area under Gaelic rule since medieval times.
    • It puts the Republicans in a strange position, because they are in favor of local control and local rule, and here it is on television, local democracy in action.
    • The uprising against imperial rule went on for many years until Numancia was finally besieged and burned to the ground.
    • After a century of colonial rule and decades of control by the South African apartheid government, Namibians were given a chance to elect their own leader.
    • During the later stages of British rule it had exercised considerable administrative independence.
  • 4

    regla feminine
    • The plastic template contains rules, measures and a hole-punching guide.
    • Bench rules were often made of maple, log and board rules of hickory, and blacksmith's rules and counter measures of brass.
    • Using pen and rule, draw a rectangle or square on top of the book you want to alter.
    • When there are bubbles, cut into the veneer with a sharp razor blade using a steel rule for guidance.
    • Use a rule and a sharp pencil and move rule and pencil along the wall to give a pencil line on the paper.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (govern, control)
    (country) gobernar
    (country) administrar
    (person) dominar
    (emotion) controlar
    you mustn't let that rule your life no debes permitir que tu vida quede supeditada a eso
  • 2

    the committee ruled that there were no grounds for dismissal la comisión dictaminó que no había causal de despido
  • 3

    (line) trazar con una regla
    ruled paper papel con renglones masculine

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (monarch) reinar
    to rule over sb gobernar a algn
    • United rules OK ¡viva / arriba (el) United!
  • 2

    (predominate, be current)
  • 3

    to rule on sth en algo
    • the court is expected to rule (on the case) this week se espera que el tribunal falle / resuelva (en el caso) esta semana
    • to rule against/in favor of sb/sth fallar / resolver en contra/a favor de algn/algo