Translation of rulebook in Spanish:


reglamento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrulbək//ˈruːlbʊk/


  • 1

    reglamento masculine
    to do sth by the rulebook hacer algo de acuerdo a las normas (establecidas)
    • There is no "party line" in feminism, there is no "feminist rule-book."
    • Now they will be mired for at least a year in discussions about their party rulebook, followed by a leadership battle.
    • There's a rulebook, but we only hear about three of its provisions.
    • I still think coaches should be reading the rulebook through once a month.
    • I have no idea when the rule governing substitutes was added to the rule book nor the reason for all the restrictions.
    • As punk exposed the shortcomings of the behemoths of rock, so rap tore up the rulebooks of pop.
    • The first thing to do is check the rule book.
    • There is no rule book to follow for the marketing and publicity execs at Warner Bros.
    • Too bad your boss read the same rule book for his Harvard MBA.
    • So maybe the problem is thinking sins are relative to some arbitrary and ad hoc rulebook, rather than to our very nature and being.
    • Between us we could probably re-write the rule book.
    • If the referees call the game in the manner in which the rule book dictates, trapping might not even be an issue.
    • Whatever, following the game, crew chief Mike Reilly, with rulebook in hand, supported Cooper.
    • The pharmacist even showed my wife the rule book.
    • Players in vulnerable positions need to be protected by the rulebook.
    • The rulebook was developed and evolved over time, many many years, by interested pilots.
    • It is Part C of the rule book, and it came into force on 1 March of this year.
    • From the arguments, you can see there unfolds a contradictive rule book.
    • A constitution is a skeleton, a framework, not a complete rulebook.
    • Many delegates were concerned about the implications for democracy of the new rule book.