Translation of ruler in Spanish:


gobernante, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrulər//ˈruːlə/


  • 1

    (leader) gobernante feminine
    (sovereign) soberano masculine
    (sovereign) soberana feminine
    • Kings were expected to be rulers, law givers, judges, leaders of the war band and protector of the Church and people.
    • King in this Middle Eastern context meant a ruler who would deal despotically with them, a governor quite different from the constitutional rulers of Europe.
    • I have hardly ever agreed with what Jeremy has written, but I do think that it's wonderful that we live in a free society where we can openly criticise our leaders and rulers.
    • Many Rajput kings retained a status as rulers of princely states under the British.
    • The rulers of the Chakri dynasty, who succeeded the kings of Ayyuthaya, assumed the throne name of Rama, a practice that continues to this day.
    • In February workers overthrew the dictatorial ruler, the Tsar.
    • Hence the exercise of the ruler's authority could be decisive in determining the outcome of local rivalries.
    • Kings and rulers are not simply those who are chosen but those who know how to rule.
    • He was the supreme ruler, the king, the emperor and his authority was absolute.
    • The original statue of Infant Jesus was sent there as a wedding present to the local ruler by the King of Spain in the 17th Century.
    • She advised kings & rulers and worked for reconciliation among peoples.
    • Her father Nawab Hamidullah Khan was the ruler of second most important Muslim princely state after Hyderabad.
    • Prior to the modern period, states were justified by reference to their rulers, their dynasties, and their religion.
    • The last king of this dynasty was a ruler named Sher Daulat.
    • In 1952, Gaj Singh was crowned as the 38th ruler of the Rathore dynasty founded in the 13th Century.
    • They have instead exchanged their colonial rulers or puppet kings for corrupt local bourgeois cliques.
    • Once feudal lords, the Malay rulers now perform a largely ceremonial role.
    • Soon there will be another chance for citizens to choose a ruler and the present leader is using all at his disposal to win power again.
    • The traditional Malay rulers and the King were disempowered, when some scandals offered a political opportunity to do so.
    • Luanda on the Angola coast was a Portuguese town from which they tried to exercise control over African rulers inland.
  • 2

    regla feminine
    • The length of each tendon was measured with a millimeter ruler.
    • Clear plastic rulers and quilting templates can be a headache to store.
    • Obviously, the aim should be to cut at regular intervals but don't start getting your ruler out.
    • To be certain, take a ruler and measure from the bottom crease of each finger to the tip.
    • These are exact shapes that look like they were made with a ruler or precise drawing instrument.
    • I then showed them how to use a white pencil to trace circles of various sizes and straight lines with rulers.
    • After tamping a few square feet, use a yardstick or a ruler to measure the tamped depth.
    • Using the metal ruler as a straight edge cut 10 1-inch right triangles with the craft knife.
    • This enabled the school to give every poor pupil two pencils, a ruler, two pens, a rubber and two exercise books.
    • Most practitioners are aware of and use traditional methods, such as tracings and rulers, to evaluate wound surface area.
    • The size of the lesion must be measured with a ruler at presentation and on subsequent visits to allow an accurate assessment of size over time.
    • Lay a ruler straight across the front and back pattern pieces.
    • As she lined up the ruler on the map, he looked over her shoulder and shrugged.
    • The size of swelling and redness were measured with a plastic ruler, while the child's reaction to movement of the limb or to touch of the site was graded with a standard scale.
    • She would take out a ruler and measure exactly what I asked for, make a cut and show me what she had cut.
    • She had a giant plastic ruler she would smack on the desk to quiet people in situations like that.
    • In a full analysis, Christina uses a ruler and protractor to measure the letters and angles.
    • The bundle of case papers I was sent at the start of this case was so large it could be measured with a ruler.
    • Take a ruler and measure off these distances at the top of the drapes with a straight pin.
    • Draw a line with a pencil and a ruler, and the computer registers it.