Translation of ruminate in Spanish:


rumiar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈruːmɪneɪt//ˈruməˌneɪt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (cow/giraffe) rumiar
    • We are into our third round of chicha, a black cow is ruminating at the barn door.
    • The cow needs a balance of physical ingredients in her rumen to get her to ruminate, to slow down the flow of food through the stomach and develop rumen wall muscle tone.
    • As the cattle paddle, ruminant and ruminating, sociably fussing with flank to flank, they occasionally raise prying muzzles to the horizon where, spectral in the mist and distance out at sea, boats swing to the wind.
    • There were wagons parked there, two of them, with bison in the traces ruminating and steaming in the crisp air.
  • 2

    to ruminate on/about sth cavilar sobre algo
    • The play focuses on ordinary people ruminating over questions they'd never been required to address publicly before.
    • His protagonists are too full of life and way too complicated to be the mere vehicles for ruminating on the contemporary dilemmas they face.
    • This of course allowed me to ruminate without distraction - and ruminate I did, ending any last chance for sleep.
    • People leave the theatre either gleefully ruminating over what it all means, or cursing the day non-linear narrative was invented.
    • Ian Patrick, meanwhile, was ruminating on what he'd overheard the secretary say.
    • She'd spent a lot of time ruminating on her conversation with the billionaire earlier that morning.
    • She turned small issues into huge problems, spent hours ruminating about perceived inadequacies, and feared rejection.
    • He ruminated on Amie's decisions and behavior.
    • It is a short step from focusing on emotions to ruminating on them, and research has shown that people who ruminate have an increased chance of becoming depressed.
    • As I enjoy the good fortune of greeting my 42nd new year's day, I've been ruminating on one sign of my good fortune: the safe, stable, well protected civil society we enjoy.
    • Montrealers are ruminating on the uncharacteristic torpor that has struck since Christmas.
    • Ultimately, this romance becomes a narrative strategy for ruminating on creation and offering an alternate genesis myth.
    • And now you are no doubt ruminating on the results of the General Election.
    • This is a storyline the three have been ruminating on over the last two years.
    • It's probably not worth spending any time or effort ruminating over why Hollywood decided to remake an English language film that is readily available on video and works as well today as when it first came out.
    • Narrated by Kenneth Branagh, this beautifully animated short ruminates on the topics of isolation, ignorance, loss and apathy.
    • People are often consumed with the past, ruminating about events and chewing them over and over.
    • In the morning, as I wake up, I start ruminating.
    • Harrison Blackwood and his cronies, meanwhile, spend their days ruminating on, and searching for, signs of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.
    • She spends the early part of the film ruminating over a number of failed relationships; in fact, like the female lead in every romantic comedy, she's looking for Mr. Right, but having a hard time finding him.

transitive verb

  • 1

  • 2

    cavilar sobre