Translation of rummage in Spanish:


hurgar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈrʌmɪdʒ//ˈrəmɪdʒ/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    he rummaged among those old books rebuscó / hurgó entre esos libros viejos
    • I rummaged in my pockets for my keys me esculqué los bolsillos para encontrar las llaves
    • I rummaged through the cupboards trying to find it esculqué los armarios buscándolo
    • she rummaged around / about in the drawer revolvió (en) / hurgó en el cajón


  • 1

    I had a rummage through my old things rebusqué entre mis cosas viejas
    • Set in a depressing flat on a south London estate, teenager Luke rummages down the back of a grubby sofa in a fruitless search for something.
    • A quick rummage through the pockets confirms that everything is just where you left it last October.
    • I can move stuff from place to place sort of like a modern archaeologist using machinery doing his rummage through history.
    • This well attended enjoyable fair is well worth a rummage and browse through the different stalls.
    • He chuckles to himself, rummages through his coat's pockets for his pipe.
    • I think we could all benefit from a fresh rummage in our drawers to give our wardrobes and our figures the uplift we deserve.
    • The scramble to the hospital allowed time only for a rummage in the glove compartment of our car, which provided a battered copy of Twenty Golden Country Greats as the sole musical accompaniment to the birth.
    • He went for a walk on the roof, for a rummage in a bin then went back on to the roof.
    • Nephew Jack's third letter again had me delving deep into my drawer full of old newspaper cuttings, and after a quick rummage around I found just what I was looking for.
    • For any environmental journalist, myself included, a rummage through 30 years of the magazine is a salutary experience.
    • It was only when the former home help saw an appeal for the winner of the three-week-old jackpot to come forward that a cupboard rummage produced the winning numbers.
    • But after a quick rummage through the brown leather bag, he snaps it shut and gestures to the door.
    • He had a rummage around and saw something familiar.
    • A rummage through the BBC archives shows a country suffering a great deal of angst.
    • Now and again he has a good rummage though his bookshelf to see what he can find, and at the moment he's reading a book of Robert Browning's poetry.
  • 2US

    (odds and ends)
    cosas viejas feminine