Translation of rummage sale in Spanish:

rummage sale



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    mercadillo de beneficencia donde se venden artículos de segunda mano
    • Consider purchasing an oversize sweater in good condition from a local thrift shop or rummage sale and cutting a new sweater from it.
    • We picked ours up cheap at a rummage sale.
    • I remember my Mom selling them at a rummage sale when I was in college.
    • Another helpful fund raising activity is a rummage sale.
    • Go on treasure hunts to places like flea markets, auctions, antique shops, second-hand stores, garage sales, craft sales and church rummage sales.
    • Inside, the attic was piled high with cardboard boxes full of old dishes Carl and I used in college, clothes long gone out of style, and books which we'd always planned to take to the Church rummage sale.
    • The bazaar will feature Middle Eastern entertainment, children's entertainers, a rummage sale, a silent auction and food.
    • I was dressed in my usual uniform: dark jeans, a blue work shirt unbuttoned at the collar, a knit tie loosely knotted, a tan corduroy sport coat I'd found at a church rummage sale.
    • She's wearing a round black hat that she bought for five shillings at a rummage sale.
    • Her campaign has a down-home feel, with money raised in part by a rummage sale in her hometown of Houghton.
    • At first I mistook these carefully dressed women of a certain age for church ladies planning their next rummage sale.
    • The rummage sale will be held from 10 am to 5pm in the lobby of the school.
    • There are plot holes a plenty and some of the costumes look like they were stolen from a junior high school rummage sale.
    • However, used ones can sometimes be found at rummage sales and flea markets for much less.
    • Spend your spare time at estate and rummage sales and you will be rewarded with a house full of stuff and a handful of friends.
    • Remember that if you organize the closets, you can tuck away plenty of junk and you'll never have to look at it out in the open until you ready it for a rummage sale.
    • Sometimes, they'd also go to rummage sales in the local area looking for bargains for them to bring back to their homes.
    • They are a food bank collection point, they provide low-income families with holiday cheer and they do outreach at the City Mission and hold rummage sales for charity.
    • Valerie Vordy, a woman who worked in the store and was organizing a rummage sale, wrote down the sizes of each person and went to gather clothes for them.
    • He also derives a large number of his objects from art dealers, flea markets, and rummage sales in the various cities where he produces his installations.