Translation of rummy in Spanish:


rummy, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrəmi//ˈrʌmi/


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    rummy masculine
    • As in basic rummy, a meld is a combination of cards from your hand which you place face up on the table, where it stays until the end of a hand.
    • The second floor seemed to be the card floor, and it was split into several areas with signs to mark off each area; there were places for blackjack, poker, craps, rummy and the rest.
    • He met his buddies for coffee every morning on campus, and every afternoon at the club he played rummy.
    • They are confusing me with the rules for all these new variations on rummy.
    • As it is, you have a tidy game full of player interaction, with a ruleset that is similar enough to rummy to make it easy to learn and different enough to make the game feel original.
    • As played by Americans, it was a sort of cross between rummy and dominoes involving building walls and then breaking them down.
    • I remember the house still had gas lighting and that I was introduced to cards - whist and rummy.
    • Ambusch is a card game that combines elements of rummy and poker.
    • Only in the meld scoring forms of rummy including 500 Rum, canasta and their relatives is the main aim of the game to form combinations that score points.
    • Saturday nights after dinner are good times for card games: crazy eights, rummy, old maid, poker, 21.
    • Gin Rummy is one of the most popular forms of rummy.
    • While the men played poker and rummy in the bunk-house I read one of my books in the barn.
    • Card games and mah-jongg, a Chinese game similar to rummy that is played with ivory tiles, regularly involve gambling.
    • Later that night, after Matthew had arrived and everyone unpacked, Christopher and the guys were playing a game of rummy in their room.
    • Granny would draw the curtains lest the neighbours should spot us playing rummy in her front room.
    • Leigh discovered a deck of cards and challenged Amber to a game of rummy.
    • As the name suggests, this tile game is related to the card game rummy.
    • Afterwards we went in together and ate our soup with the roti and then, in the lantern light by the fire, played rummy for imaginary sums.
    • As the week went on he taught her gin, he taught her hearts, he taught her rummy.