Translation of runaway in Spanish:


fugitivo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrʌnəweɪ//ˈrənəˌweɪ/


  • 1

    fugitivo masculine
    fugitiva feminine
    (naughty child) pilluelo masculine
    (naughty child) pilluela feminine
    • How ironic that in this family, the runaway in question is a parent, not some rebellious teenager.
    • When she realizes the hitch-hiking boy is a runaway who's been severely beaten, her caring for him brings into focus the future course of her life.
    • Amanda is the teenage runaway, eking out a desperate existence on the margins of society, amidst the detritus of the contemporary Wasteland.
    • When not rolling along at five miles an hour, Alvin encounters a number of strangers, from a teenage runaway to a fellow Second World War veteran.
    • They noted that many runaways were from dysfunctional families with little social support available and often times will search for a better life.
    • Two teenage runaways who turned up sleeping rough in North Yorkshire have declared their love for each other.
    • A teenage runaway finds herself on the road to perdition after she gets involved in crime.
    • The Children's Society is calling for all local councils to put into place guidance on young runaways, to provide safe emergency accommodation and to provide family mediation.
    • The contrast between runaways and filial daughters in family composition and financial conditions indicates a likelihood that the girls' motives for entering prostitution varied according to family conditions.
    • The number of adults who desert their families is sharply increasing, while that of teenage runaways is steadily decreasing.
    • He recreates the 1960s in this true-life tale of a teenage runaway's audacious trail of trickery.
    • These include a national network of refuges for young runaways, family mediation services to help families in crisis and child protection reform to improve protection for older children.
    • Except for one mentally disabled girl, these girls did not differ from other runaways in family background or other factors.
    • Strict rules for dealing with teenage runaways in Manchester are ready for launch - three years after a 15-year-old died on a freezing city street after taking heroin.
    • Status offense charges served not only as a legal justification to apprehend runaways and to discipline boys who refused to go to school, but also to give the police a means to impose an informal curfew.
    • As a teenage runaway, Leroy's writing talent was discovered by a competent therapist whose encouragement led him to publish.
    • The mother of one of the runaway teenage Hampshire sweethearts has herself vanished, the Daily Echo can reveal.
    • It also showed that more than a third of young people had no help while away from home, while highlighting measures aimed at improving services for families affected by a runaway member.
    • Some are in foster care, some are runaways, others are from low-income families.
    • In the eighth century BC there must have been lots of large villages in the Central Mediterranean populated by refugees and runaways.


  • 1

    (slave/prisoner) fugitivo
  • 2

    (train/truck) fuera de control
    (horse) desbocado
  • 3

    (inflation) galopante
    (inflation) desenfrenado
    (spending) desmedido
    (success) clamoroso
    (success) arrollador
    trying to curb runaway prices tratando de frenar los precios que se disparaban (or se disparan etc.)
    • a runaway victory una victoria aplastante