Translation of runner in Spanish:


corredor, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrʌnə//ˈrənər/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (in race) corredor masculine
      (in race) corredora feminine
      (taking messages) mensajero masculine
      (taking messages) mensajera feminine
      I'm not a fast runner no corro rápido
      • As the number of marathon runners, tennis players and athletes increases, so does the importance of sport-specific training.
      • For competitive marathon runners, this route is nevertheless considered a hard one.
      • People are never too old to exercise. There is an excellent research paper on marathon runners over 80!
      • All runners will collect a souvenir memento, with trophies for the first three in each of the categories in the 10 km race.
      • At the outset I assumed I would end up with two sprinters, two milers and two long-distance runners.
      • The runners are collecting sponsorship in time for the half-marathon next month.
      • You can have great track, road and marathon runners all competing in the one race.
      • But one place that trendy diet doesn't belong is in the lives of athletes, whether they be marathon runners or weekend warriors.
      • More than 800 marathon runners from overseas flew into the province for this run.
      • Normally super-fit people, say marathon runners, have an average heart rate of 65.
      • Over 130 runners finished the full marathon held in conjunction with a half distance event in a small East Anglian town.
      • The owners would send money or messages by means of a runner provided by their agent.
      • I had a doctor who was, or at least looked like, a marathon runner.
      • The runners, who collected taxes, delivered communications, and arrested and jailed criminals, belonged to a lower social class.
      • Nearly 500 runners tackled the course, which involved around 7,000 feet of climbing, and 404 made it to the finish.
      • Every year the number of runners in this popular marathon increases.
      • My father, a marathon runner, taught me the basics of healthful eating.
      • Sammy had even heard of one agent who made his runners pick cotton on his farm as part of their ‘training.’
      • She swapped track for road, became a marathon runner, ran three marathons and won the lot.
      • In the aftermath of the London marathon, many runners may be questioning whether their performance could have been improved by changing their pre-race diet.
      • However, they had no phone lines between their main bases and had to rely on runners to keep in contact with each other.
      • Jack was a runner; he used to go out every lunch time and even when he got ill he kept on with it for as long as he could.
      • They had a couple of marathon runners, a boxer and a weightlifter.
      • Imagine a marathon runner crossing the finish line and then being told he has to run an additional 10 miles - uphill.

    • 1.2(smuggler)

      contrabandista masculine

    • 1.3(horse)

      (que corre en una carrera) caballo masculine
      • Only six of the 260 runners declared at the five-day entry stage to run on August 22 had confirmed riders.
      • The limit for the race is 20 runners so some horses could face being balloted out later in the week.

    • 1.4(in baseball)

      corredor masculine
      corredora feminine
      • However, a batsman who has opted for a runner cannot act as a runner for another batsman.
      • However, he may bat with a runner and his contributions will be needed after Warwickshire struggled to 141 for 5.

    • 1.5British informal (car)

      it's a good runner es un buen coche

  • 2

    • 2.1(on sled)

      patín masculine
      • After a few hours of this we stopped to put the metal guide pins down through the sledge runners a notch or two deeper, so as to give more effective grip on the ice surface.

    • 2.2(for drawer)

      riel masculine
      guía feminine

  • 3

    • The floor was still that gold flecked marble, but it also had a deep red carpet runner down the center.
    • Sliding down the hallway on a carpet runner, Scott came to a screeching halt beside his little sister and reached down to take her hand.
    • Andrei fell in a heap on the carpet runner, screening in pain and clutching his knee.
    • 3.1(on table)

      tapete masculine

    • 3.2(carpet)

      (de pasillo) alfombrilla feminine
      caminero masculine River Plate

  • 4

    estolón masculine
    • Trim up overhanging foliage from surrounding plants and simultaneously cut back any stray grass runners before they take root in adjacent beds.
    • Finally, the pupils used six tubs to plant strawberry runners.
    • Pegged-down strawberry runners may be lifted now, severed from the parent plant and planted out.
    • Most warm-season grasses develop thatch, a spongelike layer of roots, runners, and grass blades just above the soil surface.
    • They propagate easily; self-sowing and by underground runners, making this plant an easy keeper.
    • It grows from seed, underground runners, or any teeny bit of root.
    • Rent a power rake to cut through heavy thatch and runners of grasses such as Bermudagrass.
    • Admittedly they're not very big strawberries, but they taste nice, and the proper strawberry plants only ever seem to grow runners.
    • Herbs that spread by runners are good candidates because they can be contained in the pot.
    • Leave about 1 inch of pot rim above the soil surface to help discourage the runners from climbing out over the top.
    • Buttercups have creeping runners that root at intervals and are almost as difficult to dislodge as dock.
    • This way, plants can concentrate all of their energy on producing strong roots and far-stretching runners.
    • Where the plants were growing runners I pegged these down into potting compost with unbent paper clips and watered them.
  • 5Canadian

    zapatilla de deporte feminine
    tenis masculine