Translation of rushed in Spanish:


precipitado, adj.

Pronunciation /rəʃt//rʌʃt/


  • 1

    (decision) precipitado
    (repair/work) hecho a todo correr
    (repair/work) hecho a la carrera
    (repair/work) hecho a las carreras
    to feel rushed estar muy estresado
    • rushed job
    • Had those with the means not rushed to fill the void, who knows what would have been left.
    • Buying a home is never something that should be rushed.
    • In America strict regulations governing ship movements near ports have been rushed into place.
    • The Bill is to be rushed through the Commons this week, with all its parliamentary stages completed by the Christmas recess.
    • Some proponents of murder theories had previously suggested a harried and rushed embalming process.
    • In both cases, the new redistricting laws are being rushed through at the end of a legislative session.
    • The end of the semester seemed very rushed to get through material.
    • They are unlikely to be rushed into any commitment with Sri Lanka.
    • The political parties ' rushed discussion on the reform programs may be a result of their desperate attempt to calm the public outrage over corrupt politics.
    • The editing job was probably rushed from all indications.
    • The A-B Budweiser is rushed out in 21 days for the world market.
    • From my point of view, I won't be rushed into making a move.
    • They were riding high for a few years, despite a couple of spectacular failures among products that were rushed to market.
    • Then we have various counties in Florida being rushed through the recounting process.
    • The control orders were rushed through parliament earlier this month in the face of widespread opposition.
    • Several have been carried out under the government's recently enacted internment legislation, which was rushed through parliament with minimum debate.
    • The characters, setting and story did not convince me and the ending seemed rushed.
    • An evidential rushed effort to complete telling the tale (maybe to meet a tight deadline?) seem to plagued the book's finalising chapters.
    • Rushed work by the harassment officer never gave the man a chance to state his own case.
    • Not rushed, not with an agenda to get somewhere else.