Translation of Russian in Spanish:


ruso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈrəʃən//ˈrʌʃ(ə)n/


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    ruso masculine
    • Most of the men included in these teams and groups spoke Russian and other languages of the Soviet Union and were dressed up as Red Army men and officers.
    • The official language is Belarusian, but Russian is also widely spoken.
    • It handles the above languages plus Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
    • The official language is Estonian, with Russian also widely spoken.
    • Although not technically alien, the Russian Tsars and pomeshchiki were so aloof from their subjects that they spoke French rather than Russian and lived in a Western rather than Slavonic culture.
    • But the Cold War was still going on, and obtaining Russian and Chinese speaking translators was given priority.
    • She speaks Kazakh, Russian, English and Italian.
    • Although the Kyrgyz language is spoken in the home, most Kyrgyz also speak Russian, which is the language of business and commerce.
    • French, Spanish, German, Russian, and other languages all exerted more influence over the subsequent centuries.
    • He speaks Russian as his native language.
    • Though she counts Chinese and Russian among the languages she speaks fluently, Fritzie has never played piano in either of those countries.
    • She couldn't speak Russian, though she knew the alphabet and could read names.
    • The stopping times and places are in the carriage and despite Russian's Cyrillic script, it's easy to guess where you are and how long you'll stop there.
    • Like Russian, it is written in the Cyrillic alphabet.
    • World class sites were developed in English, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Urdu.
    • For example, my two new Georgian friends told me they had not uttered a word of Russian, the principal language of their schooldays, for a decade or more.
    • She also speaks German and Russian, and as a Czech speaker understands Slovak.
    • Savenko has a fine presence, but in these opening acts he seemed somewhat inhibited, perhaps because of having to sing the role in English rather then his native Russian.
    • He speaks Russian, French, Czech and Bulgarian.
    • We have even given out literature written in Russian, with information about the hotel and the bar tariff.
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    ruso masculine
    rusa feminine
    • The Finns had been told the precise terms the Russians wanted on February 23rd.
    • For most Russians the nation's favourite holiday outshadowed political concerns.
    • The film looks at the pain of Easter Europe in the new millennium with humor and humanity, bringing a Lapp woman, a Russian and a Finn together to try to make sense of it all.
    • They told us that the Russians would never accept National Missile Defense.
    • Mustard gas was first used by the Germans against the Russians at Riga in September 1917.
    • He married a French citizen, who was a Russian by descent, and was given permission to go off and live in Paris, which he did while still representing the Soviet Union at chess.
    • We cannot, however, expect that there will be any yield given to the French, Germans and Russians.
    • Scots and Russians are very similar in terms of how open and friendly they are.
    • Areas captured by the Germans during the day, were re-taken by the Russians at night.
    • With a Finn, a Russian, two Canadians, and an American, this year's Hall, of Fame class exemplifies the game's global reach.
    • All Europeans, including Russians, enjoy the same values and the conflict has ceased to exist.
    • Moscow asked for international help and the British crew rescued the Russians on August 7.
    • It was not so easy for the Russians in Chechnya after the invasion of the Russian army.
    • It was Russians who first built up a caviar industry on Iranian shores.
    • However, Napoleon's invasion led the Russians to make peace with the Turks.
    • It relied on what the French or Russians did and the actions of one would provoke a German response and not the other way round.
    • Though not a native Russian, he was on the staff of the Imperial Theatres in St Petersburg and played in a court chamber ensemble.
    • He is not partisan and dealt equally with the callousness of the Chechen fighters and that of the Russians.
    • This year's team features a Swede, a German, a Russian, a Czech, and two Canadians.