Translation of sabotage in Spanish:


sabotaje, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsæbəˌtɑʒ//ˈsabətɑːʒ/


  • 1

    sabotaje masculine
    an act of sabotage un (acto de) sabotaje
    • The chief risks involve the theft or diversion of nuclear material from a facility or a physical attack or act of sabotage designed to cause a release of radioactivity.
    • Finally, the negative comments against the English program in St Malo (as quoted in The Carillon a couple of weeks ago) is nothing short of an act of sabotage.
    • Power outages, acts of sabotage and general unrest have hampered production.
    • Having failed to defeat McCreevy at home, it seems De Rossa is bent on an act of national sabotage by wrecking his chances of securing an influential post on the Commission.
    • Their arrest is only one of an increasing number of arrests in which Germans have been suspected of planning similar acts of sabotage.
    • None of these accusations however has been proven and some within Bulgaria believe that they were generated as acts of business sabotage by weapons companies from other countries.
    • All subsequent crimes against the Party, all treacheries, acts of sabotage, heresies, deviations, sprang directly out of his teaching.
    • Acts of sabotage and non-cooperation undermined the Nazis' attempts to exploit the resources of Denmark.
    • I was hired by timber workers, mining and ranching interests to investigate acts of sabotage against their industries.
    • In 1963, Sisulu was tried with Mandela and other activists for planning acts of sabotage and revolution.
    • Every single act of industrial sabotage is being done by the people who formerly ran those systems.
    • The unions vehemently denied supporting acts of sabotage and rejected the idea that their members were behind the incidents.
    • He reported that in September there were 534 acts of sabotage against railroads as compared to a monthly average of 130 during the first half of the year.
    • A row of more than 15 bricks, pieces of concrete, metal poles, wooden stakes and a traffic cone were balanced on the track in a blatant act of sabotage.
    • Any further delays to the Act should be seen as an act of economic sabotage and all those involved in its creation should be held accountable.
    • Meanwhile, the Communist Party coordinated a complex series of acts of sabotage and other forms of guerrilla warfare.
    • ‘This is an act of sabotage which we cannot accept,’ he said.
    • The scenarios might involve a simulated attack by terrorists or mock acts of sabotage by insiders.
    • Four months later, in March, Bert Marlow, an engineer at the club, told how Fred's act of sabotage in the bar almost led to it being flooded.
    • Police are investigating whether a train derailment between Ballan and Gordon was caused by an act of sabotage.

transitive verb

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