Translation of sabre in Spanish:




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    • In addition to shortages on armor plates there has also been a shortage on assault rifles, requiring the military to outfit one man per platoon with a cavalry saber.
    • They want to dominate Europe by bureaucratic cleverness where they could not do so by muzzle-loading cannon, muskets and cavalry sabers.
    • They rode sturdy Mongolian ponies, wore distinctive fur caps, and carried sabers, pistols, and rifles.
    • Old muskets, pistols and sabers were spread everywhere Billy and White Eagle rode.
    • Stoek went back into his cabin and came out with a dagger, a sabre and a sword.
    • Further support of this theory is demonstrated in the Battle of Balaclava where the sabers of the cavalry had little or no effect through heavy clothing.
    • Our new owners are coming in like the Cavalry with sabers drawn, ready to vanquish the enemy.
    • Then bend Dante's sword so that it is curved like a saber.
    • Muskets and pikes and sabers lay strewn and forgotten like cut hay.
    • She charged at her, blade of the dark saber extended.
    • In February, the troop will be honing their cavalry charging techniques with sabre and lance.
    • The blades were usually double-edged and up to 90 cm, or a little over, in length, but early single-edged sabres are also known.
    • No deputy stood a chance of leaving the chamber, and when one group tried, they were turned back by Hanriot and Guardsmen with drawn sabres.
    • The sword was far too heavy, so Raven took a saber and imbued it with magical strength and abilities.
    • Police sabers, cavalry sabers, European-type dress swords and other non-traditional blades are outside the scope of this discussion.
    • Twelve of Poland's divisions were cavalry, armed with lance and sabre, and they were no match for tanks.
    • The design of the sabre came from the cutting sword used by cavalries.
    • Elon shouted as he drew his cavalry saber and aimed his Colt revolver.
    • Every confederate soldier gave a loud battle cry and with their muskets, pistols, and sabers raised, they ran toward the Union army.
    • The saber flew forward and curved around slicing through trees and vines.