Translation of sacrament in Spanish:


sacramento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsakrəm(ə)nt//ˈsækrəmənt/


  • 1

    sacramento masculine
    the last sacraments los últimos sacramentos
    • He often speaks of the mystery of marriage, the dignity of love in marriage, the grace given by the sacrament, and the responsibilities of a married couple.
    • Moral formation involves becoming a follower of Jesus Christ through the gifts of the Holy Spirit available in the sacraments of the church and the practices of Christian charity.
    • Christ instituted the Church and the sacraments in order to provide grace.
    • In spite of the human weakness of her members, the Church is a sign, a sacrament filled with Christ's presence, an enduring witness to her own divine origin.
    • The basis of the Christian life is not our longing; it is the ‘visible Church, with sacraments and rites which are channels of invisible grace.’
    • In both these books Gerrish offers a theology that highly values church, preaching and the sacraments and has the great Reformation insights about grace at its core.
    • Its claim is that the Holy Spirit makes Christians in and through the church and its sacraments.
    • Devotion to Christ was made possible because the early Church understood how the sacraments effected his continued presence on earth.
    • The liturgy is the sacrament where the church becomes what it is supposed to be.
    • We are included and sustained in Christ's salvation through the life and sacraments of the Church.
    • It's a marriage in which the couple allows the grace of the sacrament to teach and empower them to love each other unconditionally.
    • In the sacraments, the church powerfully bears witness to the Incarnation.
    • We are to participate in the life of Christ through the sacraments of the church.
    • Christian sacraments and traditions define the rites of passage for most Jamaicans and are celebrated much the same way as they are in the United States.
    • Baptism, one of the sacraments of the Christian Church, may involve either total submersion, or simply the pouring of baptismal water over the forehead.
    • The wine also, which through priestly consecration becomes the sacrament of Christ's blood, shows, so far as the surface goes, one thing; inwardly it contains something else.
    • Apart from this understanding, the earliest Baptists seem quite self-contradictory; now denying, now affirming sacraments and creeds and church tradition.
    • At the same time, as in any congregation, it means tending the physical and spiritual needs of the community through worship, the sacraments, prayer and Christian education.
  • 2Sacrament

    the (Blessed / Holy) Sacrament el Santísimo Sacramento
    • to receive the Holy Sacrament recibir la Eucaristía / el Santísimo Sacramento