Translation of saddle horse in Spanish:

saddle horse

caballo de silla, n.


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    caballo de silla masculine
    • This was done mostly to keep her off his prized Kentucky saddle horse.
    • Surveying the land and its history, she muses: ‘Black people used to make up a part of the plantation's wealth the same as the carriage and saddle horses with their well-rubbed, shining hides.’
    • The pack trips include experienced guides, gentle saddle horses, a full-time cook, excellent food, all the tents and camping equipment… everything needed for a first-rate pack trip.
    • A native of New York City, Cesare learned his trade through his parents' saddle horses and polo ponies.
    • ‘I used to ride my saddle horse for miles along the beach to Torrey Pines State Reserve,’ Fae Sanger says as she gazes across the Del Mar Racetrack toward the ocean.
    • Finally, she reached the small stable where her strawberry roan saddle horse was kept.
    • Perhaps it was the boredom of long hours alone that motivated the horsemen to teach their saddle horses ridiculous tricks, but the csikos claim a practical purpose for each.
    • It took a big steer on the end of a rope to even worry one of the partbred Cleveland saddle horses, he said.
    • Pack and draught horses were also used, but it was the saddle horses that allowed Mitchell and others to scout ahead and to the flanks and so select the track and explore much more than the line cut by the steel tyres.
    • Traffic congestion, the loud clatter of horseshoes and ironrimmed wheels and the smell of manure did attract occasional mention, but most references to horses in newspapers and other periodicals related to saddle horses.
    • Events like bull riding, bareback and saddle horse riding, barrel racing and rope and tie captivated the crowd.
    • On 17 January 1866 Chute mobilised 500 men, 67 pack-horses and 24 saddle horses for his officers, and set a straight course for New Plymouth.