Translation of sadness in Spanish:


tristeza, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsædnəs//ˈsadnəs/


  • 1

    (emotion, state)
    tristeza feminine
    • There is a great deal of learning necessary ahead for Prince William, and there is no question that Prince William has to know about war and the sadnesses that go with it before he is ready to be monarch.
    • The grieving mother of a York soldier killed when his car crashed into a tree has told of her sadness at his death.
    • As we have seen, emotionally autumn is a time to be aware of and release our sadness and grief.
    • Some of the stories are hugely entertaining but there is a lot of sadness in the book as well.
    • I feel a sense of deep sadness, verging on depression, about the situation in Asia.
    • Yet you are never far from reminders of the sadness and regret that suffuses the mind of the composer.
    • They belong to a stoic breed that ‘just got on with it’ whether circumstances included disagreements, upsets, sadnesses or disappointments.
    • We come together this evening more in a mood of celebration of his life than in a mood of sadness.
    • Over the past week I've been undecided whether it's a day for celebration or sadness.
    • And the joy even spills over onto the small sadnesses.
    • He said: ‘It is one of life's sadnesses that we can't keep our dogs as long as we would wish.
    • The sadness on the faces of those in the midst of the devastation told it's own tale.
    • But mixed with their feelings of sadness is the sense that the company has let them down.
    • The Abbot expressed his sadness over the fact that it would be impossible to go ahead with the project.
    • I wonder how much of this is just the sadness at the slow fading away of the friendship.
    • It is inspirational that out of so much chronic pain and sadness can come an annual event which is so positive.
    • One level is sadness and sorrow and anger at a really traumatic and huge loss of life.
    • News of his death has caused deep sadness among all who had the pleasure of knowing him.
    • At a certain point in the series I faced a deep well of grief and sadness and was encouraged to dive right into it.
    • However, my delight at the demise of the Western bypass is tinged with sadness.
  • 2

    (source of emotion)
    pesar masculine
    one of the sadnesses of her old age uno de los pesares de su vejez