Translation of safekeeping in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌseɪfˈkipɪŋ//ˌseɪf ˈkiːpɪŋ/


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    he gave her the watch for safekeeping le dio el reloj para que lo guardara en lugar seguro
    • You are given the ‘diamonds’ for safe keeping in return you are requested to hand over something of value like a cellphone, or Hi-Fi as a guarantee while the transaction will be concluded in a couple of days.
    • As men, women and children lined up to have their moment with the coveted chalice, the man responsible for its safe keeping made sure everything ran smoothly.
    • During the Second World War the statue was removed for safe keeping, but on its return the bow was fixed pointing to the south, and then again wrongly reorientated after the road junction was upgraded in the 1990s.
    • The only relevance of this digression is that it was Patrick Thursfield who rescued the Tent Club minutes and record books from destruction and preserved them, before handing them to the Vice Consulate for safe keeping.
    • They brought the weapon to John Dobbs for safe keeping.
    • Seeing it on the ground, public-spirited churchwarden John Shardlow appropriately took it into nearby St James's church for safe keeping until he could arrange for its repair.
    • The security guards let me keep my shoelaces but I couldn't be trusted with my Swiss Army Knife. It was taken away for safe keeping by one of the ubiquitous jolly volunteers, all of whom are dressed in shorts and brightly coloured polo shirts.
    • It emerged that Mr Burrell had told the Queen in a private conversation following Diana's death that he had kept some of the princess's possessions for safe keeping.
    • In its ruling, postponing the election date, the judge ordered that a million surplus ballot papers be held in safe keeping by the court to prevent the misuse of ballot papers likely to influence the outcome of the election.
    • With some frustration I retrieved the miniscule device and once we were in the car suggested that in the future it would be a better idea for her to catch my eye and give the hearing aid to me for safe keeping in the inside pocket of my bag.
    • The dispute involves the grandson of a Jewish woman who sent the painting to a Paris gallery for safe keeping and an art collector who bought it 29 years ago in New York.
    • The computer itself will be going with me on moving day, and prior to that I'll burn a full backup of all my files and photos onto CD, two copies, one to go into storage and one to be kept in safe keeping by friends.
    • She was later informed at Tesco's customer care counter that it was normally their policy when a lost item was taken in to log it in a notebook and hand the item over to security for safe keeping.
    • Twenty-five years ago, when the Church of Ireland in Mullafarry was closed, the holy water font was given to the Presbyterarian church for safe keeping.
    • It's ostensibly for the girl, but I decided to put it on my own head for safe keeping, and I proudly wore it to the Booksense luncheon.
    • So I look forward to actually seeing them in the near future and taking back some belongings which their mother gave me for safe keeping.
    • In the meantime, University College Cork said its music department had taken the convent's bell into safe keeping before the disastrous fire.
    • The wreckage, when I saw them the next morning to collect the keys of the embassy in order to retrieve documents and other things for safe keeping, was indescribable, as it was indeed for the whole of that half of the city.
    • The legend goes that these tasty beauties were bought by love-struck male students and given to their damsel's chaperone for safe keeping as a love token instead of a kiss.
    • Mr E couldn't find his keys and was desperate to go to bed, so kicked the door off of its hinges… only to suddenly remember that he had given his keys to his housemate for safe keeping.