Translation of safety curtain in Spanish:

safety curtain

telón anti-incendios, n.


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    telón anti-incendios masculine
    telón de seguridad masculine
    • Somewhere along the line there was a half-hearted Grease medley, but luckily, just as it was becoming interminable, the fire alarm went off and the mics cut out, leaving them stranded and speechless behind the safety curtain.
    • The safety curtain could not be lifted at the end of the interval and the mechanical fault made it impossible for the curtain to be winched up by hand.
    • Which does beg the question - if it's a stage, where is the safety curtain?
    • As the Prologue ended and the safety curtain closed with an unarguable mechanical finality behind the ranked audience at the front of the stage, I felt a shiver of entrapment.
    • The art-deco plasterwork is still intact, the original safety curtain is still there with the advertisements on.
    • Katie's husband David is the kind of columnist who holds forth on the stupidity of theatre safety curtains and the unbearable slowness of old people on public transport when he is not trying to write his great satirical novel.
    • Tonight was the first ‘clean’ show, but I kinda miss things going wrong (a pyro had to be extinguished and the safety curtain came in last night).
    • She is currently working on a commission for the Colosseum theatre in London, designing the safety curtain and doing marbling effects on the panels in the boxes.
    • One feels she's always typing with the most magnificently large hat on, and her computer's firewall lowers like a theatre's safety curtain whenever she logs on.
    • As the safety curtain went up, one of the girls asked him if he was going to stay in for the 3rd act.