Translation of sagacity in Spanish:


sagacidad, n.

Pronunciation /səˈɡæsədi//səˈɡasɪti/



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    sagacidad feminine
    • My experience has been that when professionalism is perceptive and determined, governmental sagacity helps in conflict resolution both in India and Pakistan.
    • In 2002, FIFA's sagacity and wisdom was confirmed when teams from five different federations advanced to the quarter-finals.
    • Her poems attest to her political sagacity and her lyrical mysticism.
    • The gym-cum-spa where I currently sweat has a habit of posting Motivational Quotes in unavoidable places - little drumbeats of sagacity, affixed over the water cooler.
    • As you can see all those people will go on to have happy, successful lives if they just follow my words of wisdom and sagacity.
    • We have sometimes questioned the Bush administration's political sagacity, but I think it's safe to assume that they are nowhere near that dumb.
    • It confirmed the popular conception that he's a man of strong convictions but limited political sagacity.
    • Many of our men of speculation, instead of exploding general prejudices, employ their sagacity to discover the latent wisdom which prevails in them.
    • Then as now, such discussions were not merely descriptive; after all, intelligence and sagacity are no easier to pin down than is consciousness.
    • Their gentleness and sagacity, their kindness to their wives and loyalty to their families has been misconstrued.
    • Despite the great sagacity of his intellect and leadership, it may have occurred to him that after all he was used.
    • She was the first Kerne to be wed to royalty, and she had brought with her the sense and sagacity seemingly born to all of that fleetstate.
    • This difficulty was abolished by the kindness and sagacity of Mr Atkinson, who had been my adviser throughout.
    • While she brings experience and sagacity, such a slim volume on such large topic demands a few leaps of faith, notwithstanding the appended 56 pages of interesting notes and comments.
    • This is surprising because Tamil Nadu, though small, is respected for the intellectual strength, political sagacity, legal acumen and moral rectitude of its people.
    • Can we expect the IRA to behave with more political sagacity and give Trimble something more than begrudging and belated help as they have done over the past three years?
    • Unlike the domesticated animal, whose chief characteristics are cowardice, stupidity, and apathy, the wild variety is remarkable for its sagacity and admirably developed senses.
    • As the true sequence of events becomes plain, History revises our judgments in regard to political sagacity.
    • He applauded their sense of humour, their sagacity, their enjoyment of beautiful things, and their immensely civilized love of culture and learning.
    • Scientists, development agencies and policy-makers (and now of course the United Nations) seem to have derived their futuristic vision from the political sagacity of Mrs. Gandhi.