Translation of sage green in Spanish:

sage green

verde salvia, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌseɪdʒ ˈɡriːn//ˌseɪdʒ ˈɡrin/


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    (invariable adjective) verde salvia
    • She wore a cream-colored gown with a soft, sage-green trim.
    • The furniture is powder-coated sage green, so it will not compete with the garden around it, and the pieces are arranged with ease and grace.
    • Tucker explains: ‘I used a traditional colour scheme of cream, sage green and terracotta, but gave it a contemporary twist to appeal to a wide range of buyers and tastes.’
    • Autumnal shades abound, burnished orange; mauve; burnt umber; ochre; sage green and damson, preferably all in the one outfit.
    • Let's say the chaise is sage green and the walls of the room are off-white.
    • To make the large, high-ceilinged rooms flow together seamlessly, the designer repeated tones of sage green, raspberry red, and gold in the fabrics.
    • A darker color could look good below the chair rail (again sage green, gray, gold or tan would work) with a lighter tint of the same color above.
    • Bob's bath has the same style cabinetry, but his space has a more masculine edge with black granite counters, sage green toile wallpaper, and a striped Roman shade at the window.
    • ‘The proposed two stone colour scheme of cream and sage green detracts from the overall appearance of the listed building,’ they said.
    • Nafas must now cross the desert to Kandahar as a lone woman, outfitted only with a tape recorder, a wad of dollars and the unaccustomed weight of a sage-green burqa.
    • Colors often matched with brick red to good effect are deep gold, rich cream, and a pale green, such as a celery, celadon, or sage green.
    • In late autumn, the hillside becomes a tapestry of textures in muted shades of gray, silver, and sage green, interspersed with burgundy and red.
    • When asked how he came to Zen, Daido Roshi pauses, takes off his sage-green fedora and rubs his clean-shaven head.
    • For example, my main colors are sage green, very pale pink, very pale blue, cream, taupe, black and greys from dove to charcoal.
    • Available in black, navy blue, royal blue, red, and sage green.
    • Each 13x15-inch print is double matted in marbled beige and sage green, mounted under glass, and hand framed in gold-toned wood.
    • In One Eye, she has painted bright white albumen that blooms around a broken yolk and streams down the canvas to end up behind the black, gray and sage-green landscape.
    • Tee-shirts can be ordered in black, white, sage green, or ash gray.
    • Soldiers colors are brown for the Army, sage green for the marines and black or brown for the Air force.
    • She had long, honey-colored, brown hair and beautiful sage-green eyes.