Translation of salient in Spanish:


destacado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈseɪljənt//ˈseɪlɪənt/


  • 1formal

    • The second most salient feature of primary forest indicated by habitat classification freelists was humidity.
    • And there are many such places in Karnataka which have salient features to be developed into potential centres of growth.
    • Narrow lanes, leaky ceilings and weak walls with a number of cracks are the salient features of the ‘new’ quarters.
  • 2

    • A radial tire for heavy road vehicles comprises a tread formed with wide circumferential zigzag grooves. The sides of the grooves form angles that are alternately salient and reentrant, and the zigzag of at least one of the grooves has its amplitude reduced by a lateral shift of the salient angles along at least one side of the groove.
    • Where the salient angle occurs it is plain that it will be more subject to the effect of the water on the side which opposes the current, than on that which declines from it.