Translation of saloon in Spanish:


bar, n.

Pronunciation /səˈluːn//səˈlun/


  • 1

    • 1.1US (bar)

      bar masculine
      taberna feminine
      • For Kid Russell, as he was called, Lewistown was the place he came to kick up his heels, and, it is said, exchange sketches for drinks in local saloons.
      • As in other mining camps, ethnic groups settled in their own neighborhoods but worked together in the mines and drank together in the saloons.
      • And so it was that Laurie ended up in a saloon, drinking beer with the rest of the guys.
      • When his knees were stiff with cold, he stepped into a saloon and drank a glass of whiskey, then at a general store purchased a pair of scissors.
      • At that time, the city had about five saloons, a couple of hotels and groceries, a blacksmith and a train station.

    • 1.2also saloon barBritish (lounge bar)

      (de mayor categoría) bar masculine

  • 2also saloon car

    sedán masculine
    turismo masculine
  • 3

    (large room)
    (on ship) salón masculine
    (for entertainment) sala feminine British
    billiard saloon sala de billar
    • Besides wasteful consumption of so much clean water, pollutants discharged by restaurants, beauty saloons and large bathing rooms are also to blame for contaminated water.
    • It also has two great restaurants, the Burra Inn housed in a former barber shop and billiard saloon, and Nick's, which serves up a selection of Italian, German and Swiss foods.
    • Tom O'Shea built a house, billiard saloon and dining room next to it and Bill Lucy opened a blacksmith shop.
    • This morning, Cyzarine and Zoya went to a religious service in the dining saloon.
    • The dining saloon ran the full width of the ship, and seemed even longer.
    • Peggy and I explored the ship together, noting the position of the most important saloons and lounges.
    • The lift stopped on D Deck and everyone got off and went to the first class dining saloon.
    • It was quite luxurious - lounge and dining saloon, deck - tourists, and how!
    • Men, particularly bachelors, gathered in concert saloons, neighborhood bar-rooms, and pool-halls where no respectable woman would be seen.