Translation of salvation in Spanish:


salvación, n.

Pronunciation /sælˈveɪʃ(ə)n//salˈveɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    salvación feminine
    • The more entrepreneurial found economic salvation in self-employment.
    • What a disappointment for those who pin their hopes for political salvation on economic failure!
    • While individual mops and brooms can only go so far, despair may be growing about where to turn for the capital city's salvation.
    • If mainstream comedy is to move away from its stagnant form, I feel it will find salvation in more absurd comedy.
    • Can we somehow get ourselves to consume our way to economic salvation?
    • The NDP platform is full of recommendations on how a green economy is our country's salvation.
    • But now salvation is in sight for the village team due to the formation of a committee who plan to return football to Skelton at junior and senior levels.
    • Whereas we still harbour reasonable hopes of ending 38 years of footballing hurt, English tennis seems beyond salvation.
    • In the mid-Nineties, with Argentina facing an economic crisis, Monsanto stepped in with an offer of salvation.
    • Some countries turned to dictators like Hitler for economic and political salvation.
    • In their seventh time around, De La Soul is concerned with hip-hop's salvation.
    • It is to be hoped that he can find salvation in the songs which have enthralled so many others, and that his remarkable story has the happy ending many feel he deserves.
  • 2

    (person, thing)
    salvación feminine
    she has been his salvation ella ha sido su salvación
    • I was horrible at math - failing math all the time. My only salvation and my only release to feel good about myself was art.
    • Today she lives by herself and her salvation has been her painting.
    • Again, he points to the mobile phone as his salvation.
    • Luckily, a phone call to Tim's sister proved to be our salvation.