Translation of salvo in Spanish:


salva, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsælˌvoʊ//ˈsalvəʊ/

nounPlural salvoes, Plural salvos, Plural Salvos

  • 1

    salva feminine
    the first salvo in a publicity/election campaign el primer aldabonazo de una campaña publicitaria/electoral
    • a salvo of applause una salva de aplausos
    • this was greeted with a fresh salvo (of cheers) esto fue saludado con renovados vítores
    • The Conservatives and Labour today launched the opening salvos in the battle for the parent vote, both promising to give people more choice over their child's schooling and to crack down on poor behaviour.
    • In his opening salvo of the contest, for instance, Mr Clarke devoted more than half an hour of his declaration speech to saying why he wasn't going to talk about the euro and barely mentioned any other subject.
    • Yesterday the first salvos were fired in a battle over plans for a giant incinerator in Belvedere.
    • Neil's questioning could be viewed as the opening salvo in the battle for next year's elections to the Scottish parliament, with national economic performance likely to be one of the key issues after health, education and transport.
    • It has launched its new price comparison service, the latest salvo in the battle for dominance in the Internet search space.