Translation of Samaritan in Spanish:


samaritano, n.

Pronunciation /səˈmɛrətn//səˈmarɪt(ə)n/


  • 1

    samaritano masculine
    samaritana feminine
    the good Samaritan el buen samaritano
    • The advantage the Jews had over the Samaritans was the Bible which instructed them in the acceptable way of approaching God.
    • Because of the doctrinal differences between Samaritans and Jews, Samaritans are educated in secular Israeli schools.
    • R. HaXohen instead groups contemporary non-orthodox Jews with the ancient Samaritans, a group of deviant Jews.
    • The Samaritans and Jews had rival temples, one on Mt. Gerizim and one at Jerusalem.
    • Because the Samaritans recognized only the Pentateuch as authoritative, references later in the OT stipulating worship at the Jerusalem temple were not considered binding.
  • 2also samaritan

    (helpful person)
    buen samaritano masculine
    buena samaritana feminine
    • Giving aid to someone you messed up, with them thinking you are some kind of Samaritan, does not leave you with a good feeling about yourself.
    • That wonderful Samaritan must have had two things that all of us need while we continue to be alive: humility and courage.
    • The Belfast man and his wife Josephine were stranded for an hour in their car along the Ballydugan Road before a good Samaritan came to their rescue.
    • Just before the police are called, a Good Samaritan, posing as a police officer, steps in to save him.
    • A quick thinking Samaritan jumped over the wall and threw the drowning man a lifebuoy but he was unable to hold on due to the strong waves and cold water.
  • 3

    the Samaritans los samaritanos
    • People do get depressed and the Samaritans is an excellent organisation to help people through harder times.
    • In the past, unpaid volunteers have made professional-level contributions to many charitable activities, such as the lifeboat service, the Samaritans, and care of the elderly.
    • The work being done quietly and anonymously by the Samaritans organisation has a role to play in helping those going through crisis periods in their lives.
    • I wonder whether the woman seeking an organisation to join has considered joining the Samaritans and helping those who are depressed, lonely, anxious or suicidal.
    • She suffered from insomnia and had made a number of telephone calls to the Samaritans over the preceding week or two.
    • The Samaritans urge people not to bottle up relationship problems but to talk to a friend or Samaritan if they are in crisis.