Translation of samizdat in Spanish:


samizdat, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɑmizdæt//ˈsamɪzdat//ˌsamɪzˈdat/


  • 1

    (literatura o publicación clandestina) samizdat masculine
    • Web sites have taken on the historical roles and research value of samizdat, avant-garde magazines, seditious literature, fringe political manifesti, etc.
    • This has archival value as a kind of samizdat text and the film itself is arguably of note as an intended critique of theocracy, of sharia and the suppression of women.
    • Journalists adopted tactics of underground publication, in the best tradition of East European samizdat.
    • Accessibility is part of the problem, since much of Yoder's work remains unpublished, or available only in hard-to-obtain samizdat copy.
    • In Ukraine, all performances and translations of Shakespeare into Ukrainian were banned by strict ukases, thus turning Shakespeare into samizdat literature well before the Soviet period.