Translation of sanction in Spanish:


autorización, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsæŋ(k)ʃ(ə)n//ˈsaŋ(k)ʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    autorización feminine
    sanción feminine
    the article was copied without the author's sanction copiaron el artículo sin la autorización del autor
    • The sanction of the proposed union by official state-appointed authorities is still a prominent feature of marriages.
    • With sanction being sought from the Irish Congress of Trade Unions for an all-out picket, the LRC has again stepped in to mediate in the dispute.
    • It has now sought sanction for running a coffee/tea vending outlet within the hospital to generate some revenue.
    • The museum, which is situated on the Rathangan / Allenwood road, is owned by Teagasc who are awaiting government sanction to sell the property.
    • They have to seek budgetary sanction of fund according to the requirement of this class I institution of the country contracting the higher ups in power.
    • Other grants applied for are awaiting sanction.
    • The ancients also used oracles to obtain sanction or approval, even though they had already decided on their course of action.
    • Her mother had sought court sanction for the operation to stop her daughter's periods and prevent her from getting pregnant.
    • They have urged Laois County Council to seek the immediate sanction of the National Roads Authority for the re-commencement of road words at Park, Stradbally.
    • Montréal 2006 says the Games will go on with or without FGG sanction, who in turn say they will move the official Games to Atlanta.
    • Despite the problems the book had initially faced in finding a publisher in China - purportedly for its political overtones - it had finally received official sanction.
    • It should be noted that neither Students for Life nor Muslim Students for Universal Justice, have, to my knowledge, demanded approval or official sanction for their principles.
    • In Newcastle, doctors sought legal sanction to treat a baby with a severe facial deformity against the wishes of her parents.
    • The Siptu national industrial secretary yesterday said the union had already secured sanction from its members for industrial action from tomorrow.
    • However, the travellers who have caravans parked there have been given official sanction of sorts by being allowed to purchase annual residents parking permits from the Borough Council.
    • The municipal authorities should not give sanction for construction of houses, with more than 1,000 sq. ft. floor area, without a RWH structure.
    • Planning had been got and sanction for funding the housing element of the project had just been announced by the Dept of the Environment.
    • He gives sanction to his 10,000 figure by saying it might underestimate the annual trafficking in sex slaves.
    • Sligo County Council still await sanction from the Dept. of the Environment to upgrade the Tubbercurry sewerage treatment facilities.
    • A Teagasc spokesman said its board had sanctioned a proposed increase in fees but this requires ministerial sanction, which is in the process of being sought.
  • 2sanctions pl

    • 2.1(coercive measures)

      (feminine plural) sanciones
      to impose sanctions against sb imponer sanciones contra algn
      • economic/military sanctions sanciones económicas/militares
      • The Chinese, for their part, are not so economically potent that they can ignore the risk of incurring international trade sanctions.
      • If the war ends soon and the trade sanctions are lifted, oil prices are likely to fall even further.
      • The United States is bracing for $150 million in trade sanctions by the European Union, Japan and several other countries.
      • Direct merchandise trade between the U.S. and Iran has declined significantly because of sanctions, but the trade impact has been limited.
      • The question arises whether the problem can be addressed indirectly through trade sanctions or restrictions to punish countries that refuse to improve environmental standards.
      • The European Union is close to imposing $4 billion worth of trade sanctions on the U.S. for failure to remove tax subsidies to its exporters.
      • The United Nations and European Union are opposed to trade sanctions against Burma.
      • Imposing trade sanctions, although officials admit that Iran-Canada trade may not be extensive enough to serve as much of a lever.
      • Trade sanctions provide a means of encouraging participation in agreements and penalizing signatories that step out of line.
      • Legislation permitted magistrates to enforce employment agreements with penal sanctions in the form of imprisonment, fines, and physical punishment.
      • In the name of international labor standards, arbitrary and inflexible trade sanctions will be imposed on Third World countries.
      • The effectiveness of trade sanctions is questionable as they are easily circumvented.
      • He will address questions about international law, economic sanctions and citizenship in light of the U.S. invasion of Iraq.
      • Snow also said trade sanctions against China now under debate in Congress could hurt U.S. businesses rather than help.
      • When Washington conceded last year that the ETI should be removed, the EU refrained from imposing trade sanctions.
      • International aid was suspended and trade sanctions imposed, but negotiations failed.
      • The United Nations Security Council has the power to impose the ultimate penalty against States failing to conform to international legal obligations - sanctions.
      • The Berlin Decrees of 1806 were the first in a series of sanctions against Britain's trade known collectively as the Continental System.
      • It argues that imposing trade sanctions on developing countries without considering the causes of child labour and without back-up programmes cannot provide an effective solution.
      • The United States responded by imposing trade sanctions.

    • 2.2(penalty, coercive measures)

      sanción feminine
      • In response, the EPA has threatened legal sanctions against the council.
      • Did we save lives (or improve the security of those whose lives were threatened) by imposing sanctions in the case of Bosnia?
      • Thirty-nine powerful pharmaceutical companies threatened legal sanctions, and the government of the United States censure.
      • The AU was quick in its condemnation and has threatened sanctions against Togo unless it restores the status quo.
      • Those sorts of factors are, in my judgment, relevant when looking at sanctions after a penalty has been imposed.
      • It is a way of recovering penalties by a sanction which is the most serious one known to our law.
      • The only response from Washington has been to threaten economic sanctions.
      • The sanctions behind some rules may be only indirect, but they are nevertheless important in understanding the legal framework in which health care operates.
      • Both bars have also developed a set of sanctions for patrons who disobey the rules.
      • His aggressive behaviour on remand had led to the imposition of disciplinary sanctions.
      • He said he could not, and the Allies, attacking on the western front and encountering fierce opposition, started to threaten sanctions, which Russia could not afford.
      • In such circumstances the sanction, or the threat of it, may not in practice be effective.
      • If we threaten them with economic sanctions then they're going to stop it.
      • Similarly, unlike many of their continental European neighbours, the English clung to corporal punishment as a penal sanction until well into the twentieth century.
      • A further argument is that if he renounces before the harm is caused, this may show that the threat of the criminal sanction has had a deterrent effect.
      • The White House is already threatening sanctions against Sudan if militia attacks in Darfur continue.
      • It has threatened financial sanctions against nations who do not comply with international money laundering rules.
      • It appears to consider internal policy only when parliamentary committees flag up press behaviour that is not to their liking and threaten sanctions.
      • Only a specific statute that punishes all physical and emotional elder abuse will provide effective sanctions and deterrents for those who commit elder abuse.
      • The imposition of such a sanction is punishment.

    • 2.3(restraint, penalty)

      freno masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (act/initiative) sancionar formal
    (act/initiative) dar su sanción a formal
    (initiative/act) aprobar
    (injustice) consentir
    (injustice) tolerar