Translation of sanctuary in Spanish:


asilo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsaŋ(k)tjʊəri//ˈsæŋk(t)ʃəˌwɛri/

nounPlural sanctuaries

  • 1

    • 1.1(protection, safety)

      asilo masculine
      refugio masculine
      to seek/find sanctuary buscar/encontrar refugio
      • to take sanctuary refugiarse
      • There are currently six other cases across Canada, with about 12 people involved, of refugees seeking sanctuary in churches.
      • I was still scouring the sky for a large, gliding shape when we arrived at the shores of Lake Chungara and the refuge - our sanctuary for the night.
      • The tradition dates from at least the Middle Ages, when European churches afforded sanctuary to the persecuted.
      • He wrapped his arms around me and I sought sanctuary in his embrace.
      • I made my way to exit the room, and seek sanctuary up in my room.
      • Diana would occasionally come out of her room, and eat something before retreating back to her sanctuary.
      • His shunning of the rest for the more difficult shots demonstrated a confidence not normal for such an arena, while he went for pots where mere mortals would have sought safety sanctuary.
      • She sought sanctuary in the guest room, closing the door behind her and crawling under the covers.
      • Then she had run back to her classrooms seeking sanctuary.
      • For decades I've sought sanctuary in the Grill Room at the Dorchester when the catastrophes of the art cooks all became too much.
      • As camp professionals, we can provide sanctuary to these children by offering more scholarships!
      • The Waterford technique also provided this patient a place of refuge or sanctuary where she could retreat and find safety.
      • I slammed the door angrily, dropped my bag, slid my jacket gently off my shoulders and once again took sanctuary on my mattress.
      • Accompanying that soul-spelunking is a profound craving for sanctuary, for a feeling of safety Scorpios rarely get to enjoy.
      • Without foot patrols, drug dealers took sanctuary in these areas and set up shop.
      • I figured at least there I'd be able to get out the pool quickly and seek sanctuary in the house if my wonderful boyfriend and best friend tried anything else.
      • Hundreds of protesters who took sanctuary in the mosque during the fighting left peacefully following lengthy negotiations with police.
      • There is a graphic description, for instance, of the killings in Rwanda and of the butchery of 3,000 Tutsis seeking sanctuary in a church.
      • ‘They have requested your advice and have expressed a wish to seek sanctuary here,’ Darius told her.
      • Rather than return home, the family sought sanctuary in the basement of a St-Laurent church, where they've been living, without going outside, since.

    • 1.2(place of refuge)

      santuario masculine
      refugio masculine

    • 1.3(for animals)

      reserva feminine
      a bird/wildlife sanctuary una reserva ornitológica/natural
      • Abroad, this story could be seen as a demonstration of British eccentricity, as curious as the advertisements for donkey sanctuaries below headlines about starving children.
      • The lucky ones end up in animal sanctuaries, others are slaughtered for pet food.
      • The donkey sanctuary in Liscarroll, Co Cork, is also helping to find the animals.
      • The couple, who are retired florists and market gardeners, use the greenhouse to grow plants for an annual garden party to raise money for a donkey sanctuary in Devon.
      • Horses, ponies and donkeys are overcrowding animal sanctuaries after being abandoned by their owners.
      • This will go towards looking after abused, sick and stray animals in the sanctuary in Lisacul.
      • The Fauna Foundation started out originally as a sanctuary for unwanted farm animals.
      • The group also recruits volunteers interested in working at one of five Thai sanctuaries for injured or abused wildlife.
      • In addition to this, his entrepreneurial instincts constantly lead him to dabble in dodgy business concerns which so far include a hot dog stand, a donkey sanctuary and a Scottish theme bar in Spain.
      • Animal sanctuaries take in about 33,000 rabbits a year, but that number is just the tip of the iceberg, she said.
      • It gave visitors an opportunity to find out more about the work of the sanctuary and meet some of the numerous animals which have been abandoned.
      • The sanctuary will provide lifetime care for Federally owned or supported chimpanzees that are no longer needed for biomedical research.
      • Some zoos are partnering with sanctuaries that provide lifetime care for their surplus animals, says Hutchins, and others are developing holding space for them.
      • Nowadays her work with animals - a sanctuary in West Sussex and a website, Animalines - takes up a lot of her time but she is still passionate about writing.
      • The island of Bonnaire in the Dutch Caribbean has a sanctuary which houses donkeys found in the area.
      • While CCCC is the first to care specifically for chimpanzees, there are sanctuaries already caring for chimpanzees and many other deserving animals throughout the United States.
      • The Center also serves as a sanctuary for injured or orphaned animals that could not survive in the wild.
      • Certainly by 16 May 2000 Bambi had been transferred to a local donkey sanctuary.
      • The animals at Southport Zoo deserve a better life in specialist sanctuaries, not to be on display for public amusement.
      • For an older person worried that a young pet's life expectancy would be much longer than their own, a mature dog or cat adopted from an animal sanctuary can be a happy, and perhaps a health promoting, companion.
      • She has chimpanzee sanctuaries in four African states, looking after animals that have been orphaned or captured as babies and cannot be returned to the wild.

  • 2

    • 2.1Architecture Religion

      presbiterio masculine
      • As the priest circled the altar with his thurible, filling the sanctuary with great clouds of incense, the men bobbed up and down on their prayer mats as if in the middle of Friday prayers in a great mosque.
      • The whole convent got together for prayer and worship in the sanctuary, ate all their meals together, and participated in community service.
      • Bath and Gosbecks were presumably tribal sanctuaries, and drew worshippers from far afield.
      • He boasts of weeding old sanctuaries, and uncovering the ground-plans of old temples so that he could rebuild them as they were supposed to be.
      • He starts with the Bible, which includes the use of gold as adornment, the golden calf, and the detailed description of use of gold in sanctuary and tabernacle.
      • It was replaced by the older form, shrine Shinto, the worship of kami in shrines or sanctuaries, tended by priests.
      • In the sanctuaries, besides the temples, there was a theatre and a stadium, because the Greeks used to pay the same attention to the soul, the spirit and the body.
      • In Jerusalem the sanctuary of the temple was called the Holy Place and was between the court and the Holy of Holies.
      • It is clear that this statue was not the sanctuary's main cult image.
      • Some of the most satisfying projects were chapels and sanctuaries in hospitals.
      • But to his relief, he saw temple guardians standing outside the massive doors of the sanctuary.
      • Many sermons die in the sanctuary because preachers try to say too many things and give too much extraneous information.
      • It was to this precinct that the survivors of the attack retreated, barricading themselves into the inner sanctuary of the temple, which was burned to the ground with them in it.
      • Then we confront a full view of the main sanctuary shot from the southwest corner of the inner compound.
      • He equipped the main sanctuary of the shrine dedicated to the sun goddess with solar panels.
      • The service takes place in the sanctuary, which contains an altar table and an oblation table.
      • However, the temple with its three-tiered pagoda-type roof, and the sanctuaries and pond around it are pure Nepali.
      • A number of smaller shrines and sanctuaries are known from the region, such as those at la roquepertuse and saint-beauzély.
      • A photograph of the balustrade and the underside of the eaves of the main sanctuary at the inner shrine extends to the edge of all four sides of the left page with no frame.
      • The four knights tried to drag him outside, to avoid aggravating their sacrilege by defiling the sanctuary.
      • At the time of the shooting, he said, a Protestant sister congregation that lacks its own sanctuary was worshipping at the Dominican church, as it has for 30 years.
      • The converts among the merchants and nomadic rulers built temples, pagodas and cave sanctuaries carved into the canyon cliffs and mountains along the Yellow River.
      • Clearly the sanctuary on Temple Hill was, like the Acropolis of Athens, a prominent and important location for the display of state documents.
      • It is our view that the plaque came down from the Archaic sanctuary that occupied the whole of Temple Hill.
      • Situated north of the Luxor temple Karnak sanctuaries were dedicated to the Gods Amon, Montu and Mut.
      • The memorial ball, however, was descended directly from the main sanctuary at Ise Shrine.
      • Although they attempt to regulate everything from sacrifice to cult administration, these laws are particularly interesting for their legislation regarding temples and sanctuaries.
      • The sense of place as a point of access to and focus for the sacred informs Pausanias's description of the Greek world, with its enumeration of cities and sanctuaries, their sacred shrines and associated rituals.
      • For centuries, Italians had been building churches, both immense and ornate sanctuaries, and tiny rural stone chapels that bore the name of the mother of Jesus.
      • On entering the Church, he noticed pieces of stained glass strewn over the sanctuary and on the altar table.

    • 2.2Bible

      santuario masculine
      sancta feminine
      (tabernacle) tabernáculo masculine