Translation of sandgrouse in Spanish:


ganga, n.


  • 1

    ganga feminine
    • In addition, there are other male-incubating species such as buttonquail, mesites, sandgrouse, and shorebirds that have neither helpers nor communal cooperation.
    • The most immediate examples of that are in direct species offtake, such as the trophy hunting of sandgrouse in Kenya.
    • It has been suggested that columbids are closely related to gamebirds, buttonquails, parrots, shorebirds and sandgrouse (sandgrouse are sometimes included in the order Columbiformes).
    • Reviews the 250 species of pheasants, partridges, grouse, quails, turkeys, guineafowls, buttonquails, sandgrouse, and plains-wanderers of the world.
    • Little is known about sandgrouse despite the group having a broad geographical range.