Translation of sangria in Spanish:


sangría, n.

Pronunciation /saŋˈɡriːə//sæŋˈɡriə/


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    sangría feminine
    • We got pitchers of mojitos and sangria, and I was tipsy in about three minutes.
    • Just imagine a place where you can dance all day in your swimsuit, drink sangria or vodka-Red Bull and listen to the best dance music around.
    • We've chosen seven wines that come in convenient 1.5-liter bottles, please every palate, taste refreshing when cold, and keep their personality intact when turned into sangrias and spritzers.
    • On the day of the gathering, she presented sangria chilled with a dazzling ice ring made from tropical fruits and island nectars.
    • Food leans towards European bistro style, while the devilishly handsome bartenders make mean margaritas and fantastic sangria.
    • She was a terrible drunk, and would drink anything, cheap sangria, bad beer, expensive champagne, it didn't matter.
    • Salsa dancing, Spanish food, from tapas to sangria, and music will be on offer.
    • By this time she was permanently in a wheelchair, but still full of life and very fond of sangria and flirting with Spanish waiters.
    • Alternatively you can drink sangria or a Valencian variation on that composition.
    • The lunch menu featured two Molson Drys for $6 and in the evening there's a whole host of alcoholic beverages to sample, from sangria to daiquiris.
    • The first time I got really drunk was on sangria and Sambuca, then after that we'd just buy beer.
    • A white wine sangria works with chicken and seafood.
    • Another use for peaches is in a white wine sangria.
    • Noelie said he ended up drinking sangria on Friday night at the disco on the lawn but he was also of the opinion the ‘town wasn't making money’.
    • Tickets in hand, I led the way to the bar, attended again by volunteers, who cheerily poured and served us our selections of sangria, sake and beer.
    • In addition to imported cerveza and wine-free sangria that makes you wonder if such a thing should actually exist, there are a couple of Mexican beverages to hydrate you.
    • That being said, they have great sangria and sake Martinis.
    • Drinks include a variety of margaritas, sangria, tequila, rum and, if you don't drink alcohol, strawberry and mango smoothies.
    • Diners come for good food, good wine, and good sangria.
    • We sat beneath the streetlights until the bar closed down, enjoying life's passing parade, the warm night air, and cold Spanish sangria.