Translation of sapphic in Spanish:


sáfico, adj.


Pronunciation /ˈsæfɪk//ˈsafɪk/


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    • Those who have followed her career since her sapphic turn in The Hunger will most likely be surprised to see her singing and dancing in 8 Women, since she usually plays very serious roles.
    • Surprisingly, given the straight male interest in lesbian couplings, sapphic commercials are still rare.
    • As many as 1,200 sapphic travelers sign up for one of Olivia's offerings.
    • It's an appropriate venue for the show's vaudeville-burlesque revivalism with a sapphic flavour.
    • But given the magazine's strict lesbian content regs, we might not see another sapphic spotlight for 30 more years.
    • The sapphic circuit: why is the gay male circuit a bit past its prime while women's events are just heating up?
    • But the mayor of one of the Greek island's cities took a British tour group to court in September to block 100 sapphic sojourners from indulging in a stay at a local resort.
    • Indeed, these adolescent, spinster, perhaps sapphic women wrote journals, lyrics, fantastic tales, and stories mediated by the spirits who guided their pens.
    • As far as womanscaping, she says, ‘there is a cadre of lesbians who like hairier women, the she-bears of the sapphic world.’
    • It may share Shakespeare's penchant for combining vulgar humour with intellectual high-mindedness, but this drama of sapphic intrigue in late 19 th-century New England is somewhat over-written.
    • Japanese macaques are a kind of Scottish monkey now living in Japan where they've developed strong sapphic preferences.
    • The book casts a flirtatious eye towards sapphic chic and the aesthetic imperative to get dolled up.
    • Bonus points to Ben for having his sister sing it, making it sapphic.
    • Another strategy is adopted in Versary's closing sequence of ‘Sapphics’, a title punning between lesbian contents and sapphic fragments.
    • Gradually, as lascivious sapphic tendencies become apparent, the gulf in sexual mores between the youthful maid and her venerable employers becomes more pronounced.
    • It took five more years, a label change to Atlantic, and the teasingly sapphic hit ‘I Kissed a Girl’ before the Denver-raised New York resident began to set the record straight.
    • Playing a Type A-plus-plus lawyer who's finally learning to acknowledge her sapphic side, she is brilliantly funny and adorably vulnerable.
    • The following conversation occurred after the recent spattering of sapphic portrayals in the diva world.
    • She also played the sapphic Dr. Kitty in the play Last Summer at Bluefish Cove.
    • He also notes that the sapphic story line here won't be his last - his upcoming summer novel from Bantam, A Fistful of Rain, features a lesbian lead character.