Translation of sapphire in Spanish:


zafiro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsafʌɪə//ˈsæˌfaɪ(ə)r/


  • 1

    zafiro masculine
    • Gemstones such as diamonds, opals, sapphires, and rubies are produced in Brazil.
    • The whole was embroidered with hundreds of pearls laced with two agates, twelve chrysolites, twelve garnets, a gold-mounted sapphire and a large pendant pearl.
    • Like those objects, the cup is decorated with gemstones - emeralds, rubies, and sapphires.
    • Most of them were common gems - rubies, diamonds, onyxes, sapphires, emeralds, topazes, and so on, and were used to supplement Elements and Talents.
    • A few months ago I was considering a custom-made toilet seat decorated with rubies, sapphires, pearls and a diamond.
    • The most expensive were composed of a carved hardstone mounted in gold, with or without enameling, and with push-pieces of moonstone or sapphires bordered by rose diamonds.
    • Ruby, sapphire, emerald, opal, coral, and pearl are found in abundance.
    • Wading in a pool of brackish water, a man pans for rubies, sapphires and other gems using a basket at one of Sri Lanka's many pit mines.
    • One by one, he picked up the diamond necklace, the ruby necklace, the sapphire ring, and the onyx ring.
    • Gold, silver, lapis lazuli, rubies, opals, sapphires, emeralds, and many more gems I couldn't name adorned his neck, wrists, hands and ankles.
    • ‘I want you to keep this,’ he told me, his eyes fixed on the sapphire ring.
    • You might like a plain silver ring with ancient Celtic designs or a sapphire and diamond-encrusted ring made of pure gold.
    • The possibilities were endless: rubies, emeralds, sapphires and black onyx.
    • Emma wiped away her tears and took the small sapphire ring from the box.
    • On her fingers, she wore diamond, emerald and sapphire rings, and jeweled earrings hung from her ears.
    • There are no futures markets in diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, amethysts or any other precious stone because of their ‘unique’ factor.
    • There must have been at least twenty paintings in all and they displayed spectacular scenes and were framed in what looked like frames of emeralds, rubies, sapphires and other precious gems!
    • Pearl earrings accented with diamonds, sapphires, or rubies.
    • The hardest stones, such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, are normally cut and polished and mounted as jewellery.
    • Her necklace was seen more visibly with the blue sapphire jewel glowing slightly.
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    azul zafiro masculine
    (sea/dress/eyes) (before noun) azul zafiro
    sapphire blue azul zafiro masculine
    • His eyes were a stunning, mesmerizing, absolutely divinely hue of sapphire blue.
    • The sun is Crayola yellow and the water is sapphire blue.
    • A bucket with sapphire blue water was in my hands.
    • Charles nodded, reached into his coat pocket, and withdrew a square, sapphire blue, lidded box, only slightly larger than his palm.
    • She looked stunning in a gown of sapphire blue, which emphasized the blueness of her eyes.
    • She was beautiful, and her eyes were sapphire blue.
    • She looked in the mirror and changed her contacts from pearl gray to sapphire blue.
    • Her eyes were sapphire blue and had the ability to drown me in.
    • By the nineteenth century these glass liners were often made in a beautiful deep sapphire blue that showed through their openwork silver cages.
    • Sometimes, they would change into an incredible tint of sapphire blue.
    • She had that amazing, natural-blonde head of hair and deep, sapphire blue eyes.
    • She had waist long brown hair, and dazzling sapphire blue eyes.
    • Claire smoothed the skirt of her sapphire blue evening gown.
    • Amethyst, sapphire blue and green color lenses are magnificent on women with dark skin.
    • Johnny's sapphire blue eyes twinkled with enthusiasm.
    • A button-up oxford shirt, sapphire blue, meshed well with his eyes.
    • She wore a long, sapphire blue gown embroidered with silver.
    • She had hair made of strands of pure gold, and eyes like the hundred thousand sapphire blue irises that had encased Nighting Lyre.
    • He still had the same reddish-bronze hair and sapphire blue eyes, but his looks had changed dramatically.
    • She and the two men were on the very edge of the desert, where there was nothing but a clear, sapphire blue sky to look up to.