Translation of sartorial in Spanish:


Pronunciation /sɑːˈtɔːrɪəl//sɑrˈtɔriəl/


literary, humorous

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    renowned for his sartorial elegance famoso por su elegancia en el vestir
    • I could afford to be superior about sartorial disasters I witnessed all around me.
    • In his prime he was very handsome, but dressed down as if he feared any sartorial display would distract from his teaching.
    • No wonder the Western world has been smitten by the sari, and every woman with a smidgen of sartorial savvy wants one.
    • It flourished when a new, wide availability of industrially manufactured dress materials made possible a modern standard of sartorial uniformity.
    • Despite the late-June heat - and the prospect of three hours of strenuous exercise-almost nobody had committed the sartorial faux pas of wearing short pants.
    • Sporting sunglasses and a black sleeveless shirt, with his hair parted down the middle, he said he took his sartorial inspiration from Indian film star Tere-Naam after watching one of his movies.
    • Blackmore performs in a sartorial nightmare of clashing colours and incongruous items of clothing.
    • His plummy accent, polite demeanour and sartorial elegance remind one of an era when business was conducted at gentlemen's clubs over cigars and port.
    • I've dressed up a bit in deference to Evans's sartorial elegance.
    • Do you know a businessman who turns heads as he strides the city's sidewalks in his perfectly tailored sartorial elegance?
    • If you want to escape the sartorial stereotypes, you often have to pay a little more.
    • She was conscious that many women would have seen such a sartorial disaster as comical.
    • His friends and colleagues will miss his humour, conscientiousness, and sartorial elegance.
    • The girls give their reactions to their fellow guests' sartorial style.
    • On Bastille Day, there would be a sartorial epidemic of clothes coloured red, white, and blue.
    • Indeed her presence influenced women at court to copy her sartorial style.
    • In the ensuing confusion, everyone in the room, king, nobles and commoners alike, ended up removing their hats, and the meeting continued on a note of sartorial equality.
    • A unique combination of tact, charm, deportment and sartorial style, he was all one would wish to see in an idol.
    • Patients prefer doctors to dress in a semiformal style, but when accompanied by a smiling face it is even better, suggesting a friendly manner may be more important than sartorial style.
    • Since there's little danger of hypothermia when the water temperature is 80 degrees, your chief sartorial concern is not offending other boaters.