Translation of sass in Spanish:


frescura, n.

Pronunciation: /sas//sæs/


  • 1USinformal

    frescura feminine informal
    descaro masculine
    • The ranger could take only so much sass from a man.
    • Delivered with that kind of sass, some audiences might find these plays hard to take.
    • A well-cut skirt that moves around the knee adds just the right amount of sass to a conservative hemline.
    • The intensity of the vocals gradually build, the tremolo becomes more wild, and when the orchestra begins to hit on the bridge she comes out street-smart and full of sass.
    • Any child that projects sass or any attitude walks home empty handed!
    • Sure, the track picks up a new tone: sass and swagger, winking and wiggling.
    • She immediately slaps Rafferty and doesn't take his sass.
    • The perfect package of sleek soul and street sass, she shifted a remarkable 12 million records.
    • I also got a little bit of sass over the use of plywood.
    • In New York, Milan and Paris, designers continued to embrace the polished and sophisticated glamour of last fall, adding a bit of playfulness, a hint of sass and a whole lot of color.
    • I don't need any more of your insubordination, young man, and I certainly don't need your sass.
    • But Lauren Kennedy, though she sings agreeably, is too ordinary as Nellie: a woman who is prepared to overcome her Arkansas origins to marry a French planter needs a bit of sass.
    • One of the first things we learn from listening to these characters is that they may be poor, struggling, and practically desperate, but by golly, they have sass.
    • The Americans kept taking sass from the British and didn't object because they were real weenies back then.
    • Using her intelligence, sass and humour she's become living proof that the size of your bottom doesn't dictate your chances of success in life.
    • I couldn't recognise the yearner of the poems in this woman of sass and spirit.
    • You've got sass, style, and a ‘I don't care about nothing’ type attitude.
    • This is blues rock cranked up to 70's stadium level, full of sass and attitude.
    • Ruth is a pretty funny lady, but her sass and verve seem to be overplayed and pretty much misused here.
    • The movie is in dire need of some sass, not to mention a drop or two of genuine emotion.

transitive verb

  • 1USinformal

    hablarle descaradamente a
    don't you sass me, young man! ¡más respeto, jovencito!