Translation of satanic in Spanish:


satánico, adj.

Pronunciation /səˈtanɪk//səˈtænɪk//seɪˈtænɪk/


  • 1

    • Yet as belief in satanic influence on suicides declined, so too did faith in the notions of punishing corpses and confiscating property.
    • Joseph de Maistre, a Piedmontese noble who had been forced to flee to Switzerland before the French Revolutionary armies, asserted in 1797 that the Revolution was above all satanic and anti-religious.
    • The Gnostic and Manichaean struggles had ripened the idea that, although at times diseases are punishments by the Almighty, the main agency in them is Satanic.
    • It is as though, having assumed the air of some merciful spirit on earth, they were in reality mere satanic emissaries in disguise.
    • The Paschal imagery of Christ as the Lamb of God encouraged the wolf's satanic associations.