Translation of satchel in Spanish:


cartera, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsætʃəl//ˈsatʃ(ə)l/


  • 1

    (de colegial) cartera feminine
    • He had stuffed his mother's old dishtowels into the satchels to keep the cans from banging together.
    • Jim had been laid up for months and still carried a satchel full of medications.
    • His clothes were rags, as was the satchel he carried, and he was boarding the third class plank.
    • Martin went round in circles clutching his carrier bag of clothes in one hand and his leather satchel of papers in the other.
    • White-coated show members with satchels hanging from their shoulders collect admission money at the gates.
    • I slung my satchel over my shoulder and shook her outstretched hand.
    • Tara just looked at his face while Rob started to open his satchel and take out a small sketch book.
    • What freedom can we Indians boast of when thousands of children can be seen rattling in garbage dumps instead of carrying satchels to school?
    • At one point Marcos asked her to show everyone what she had in her satchel.
    • He had his satchel under one arm and the phone clutched in the opposite hand.
    • Now, the police are taking things a step further, and have set up airport-style tables to inspect random shopping bags and satchels.
    • They didn't speak for some time, until Faimon closed the book, and put it into his satchel.
    • We sat down at the table in the lounge and that's when he handed me the satchel he was carrying.
    • They swept their toys, papers, and supplies into their satchels, and walked towards the building.
    • Mrs Barley opened her handbag, a brown leather affair like a small satchel.
    • Manono is a car-free, sandy-bayed idyll, where school children saunter with their satchels under swaying palm trees, wandering the round-island footpath.
    • I was starting to get cabin fever and I quickly got up, gathering my books into my satchel.
    • The man carried a small satchel on his back full to the brim with goods, but this year there were no customers.
    • All exercises are done in the classroom itself so that children are relaxed at home and need not carry satchels stuffed with heavy loads of textbooks and exercise books.
    • Bits and pieces of color were noticeable on the satchels but that was it.