Translation of satirize in Spanish:


satirizar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈsatɪrʌɪz//ˈsædəˌraɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • We'll talk to the creators of the new outrageous political cartoon that satirizes many of the issues we cover on this broadcast.
    • As critically self-reflective as she always is, Rose also satirizes the role of the artist as muse and siren, by presenting herself as both subject and object of desire.
    • Goodman satirizes the naïveté and narcissism of that era's utopianism with enormous wit.
    • He was taken by the idea of lampooning the soaps, but was ultimately more interested in satirizing our celebrity-obsessed culture.
    • They knew that their society needed to progress, and just to satirize it all the time wasn't going to do that.
    • Those things that the nation once glorified it now derides and satirizes.
    • This acid comedy satirizes the romantic travails of artsy twenty-somethings.
    • The play satirized the nobility and made a commoner - a haircutter, no less - the protagonist.
    • Fatally, however, they crossed over from satirising commentators to criticising player behaviour.
    • She teases, criticizes and satirizes American democracy, but she cares so much it's positively palpable.
    • The English political parties and religious denominations are satirized in the description of the wearers of high heels and low heels, and of the controversy on the question whether eggs should be broken at the big or small end.
    • Editorial cartooning is a negative art form: criticizing, satirizing and making fun of authority.
    • The play tears a strip off beauty pageants, satirizing their supermodel-thin take on what qualifies as beauty.
    • After several years of worrying about how to respond to the war, the motion picture industry even generated a movie satirizing its own anxiety.
    • The first version of the play used the story line of a senior official's abduction by a Mafia boss as a prelude to the main plot which satirized politicians and gangsters.
    • The more directly Andersen's tales draw on his own emotional vulnerabilities or satirize his contemporaries, the more powerful they are.
    • Isaac seems to access a switch for historical replay as he satirizes values, ideas and events of the post-Second World War era.
    • He satirizes a variety of targets and yet none more than himself.
    • Yes, the film is sporadically funny, and, yes, it satirizes the genre, but I left the movie feeling like I had seen a missed opportunity.
    • Their actions, inactions, mistakes, goofy procedures and right-wing tendencies are there - just waiting to be satirized.