Translation of saving grace in Spanish:

saving grace


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    his sense of humor is his saving grace solo se salva por su sentido del humor
    • History's saving grace is the saving grace of the humanities in general.
    • The only saving grace is the beautifully whimsical score that carries us through the entire film and leaves us humming the theme long after it's done.
    • As rigid as the form often seems, the fact that it never excludes solely on the basis of style or natural ability is one of its saving graces.
    • The first half was utterly forgettable with the exception of just a few saving graces.
    • There are, nevertheless, enough saving graces to make this entire volume well worth any reader's investment of time and effort.
    • One of the saving graces of this film was the soundtrack.
    • All the breathy tones and notes in Thomson's music also add some sexy edge to her music, and that's usually a saving grace for some songs that might otherwise need more character.
    • Having simple luxuries on hand for hungry loved ones is a saving grace when friends drop by or for when holiday houseguests search for snacks.
    • The only saving grace in the club was that the cocktails were fantastic.
    • The sad reality, on a damp, windswept and cool weekend, though, was that the men's sprints are two of the saving graces of an otherwise disappointing championships.
    • When he was released, back on the streets of the ghetto, without much formal education, seeking to salvage his life, he found a saving grace in art.
    • One of the saving graces of the Lords, for me, is the fact that over one third of peers are cross benchers, freeing them to vote on conscience over party lines.
    • The only saving grace is the director's commentary, which, as I mentioned earlier, provides amazing insight into the film.
    • His breaking pitches lacked movement, and his fastball, one of his saving graces in the fourth game, seemed to have departed him.
    • There are lots of typefaces I don't like, but each of them usually has a saving grace.
    • If there is a saving grace, it's the game's multiplayer mode.
    • As rogues go, they are not very bad ones: they have their saving graces: and it would probably be impossible to muster a dozen honest men in politics to replace them.
    • The current laws governing civil aviation are a saving grace for smaller national carriers, but a cumbersome regulation blocking growth for the bigger global players, according to airline sources.
    • Having confidence was important for me - keeping involved in many activities through dance, such as competitions, shows, and classes, was my saving grace.
    • The film's few saving graces are its lavish costumes and the sporadic funny moments, usually delivered by one of the marginal characters.