Translation of savior in Spanish:


salvador, n.

(British saviour)

Pronunciation /ˈseɪvjə//ˈseɪvjər/


  • 1

    (person) salvador masculine
    (person) salvadora feminine
    (thing) salvación feminine
    • My thoughts cling to the tangible memory of you and your every little gesture and movement like a drowning person clings to their saviour.
    • She did not question the fact that the film was intended to portray a truth about sanctimonious priests posing as the saviours of a religious heritage.
    • The beginning of the new millennium brings renewed hope and new saviours.
    • They've also been called the saviours of rock 'n' roll.
    • But if the script isn't entirely brilliant - and it isn't - the true saviours of this film are the two stars themselves.
    • So he let the crisis spin out in order to present himself, as in 1940, the saviour of the nation.
    • After all if what I was hearing from my fellow St Lucian was true then a savior or saviors were needed to effect a rescue.
    • Their stories are narrated with sharp adroitness and lessons are drawn that apply to our modern-day craving for supermen and saviours.
    • The band can be the saviours of the music industry today and forever.
    • The textile industry, oft hailed as a saviour to poor countries with abundant cheap labour, hasn't boomed as expected.
    • As characters go, Sir Arthur is the saviour, but, in some ways, it is George who is the truest of the bunch.
    • Historically, New Zealand's voters have always wanted a change of government to make the State their saviour once more.
    • Positioned as the saviors of the nation, foreigners slide all too easily into becoming its scapegoats.
    • The rogue doctor, the Hippocratic saviour turned hypocritic slayer, is a mercifully rare medical phenomenon in this country.
    • Varied mythical figures have been conjured up as saviours of a people in decline or bondage.
    • I mean, you are touted as the saviours of dance music.
    • Well, there's one thing: rock and roll doesn't need saviours as much as it needs a good set of bodyguards.
    • If we do not act now, instead of being saviours, we will be the perpetrators of the world's worst holocaust.
    • Some may say she is a saviour, and some may say she is an immoral, misguided pseudo-philanthropist.
    • The band were supposed to be the saviours of rock and while the album was good, it was far from being the utter genius we had been promised.
  • 2

    the/our Savior el/nuestro Salvador