Translation of scam in Spanish:


chanchullo, n.

Pronunciation /skæm//skam/



  • 1

    chanchullo masculine informal
    pufo masculine Spain informal
    • If there is an illegal immigrant scam or a marriage scam, then the department must be involved.
    • Why can't they just content themselves with diet scams and insurance fraud?
    • Everything zips along at a brisk and comedic pace for the first half hour, with an elaborate scam to rip off a load of smuggled goods being set up.
    • Find out why the Feds are out to bust an insurance scam where the doctor pays the patient.
    • Whatever scams Jimmy has contributed to in the past have not caused so many to lose so much.
    • This does not mean expensive avoidance schemes or illegal evasion scams, or even disappearing from the face of the earth.
    • From internet identity fraud to mobile phone scams, it seems there are now a myriad of ways in which crooks can strike against the unwary.
    • The combination of the two are highly effective at detecting scams, schemes and illicit practices.
    • It will clearly show what many people have known for years - these investment scams are a massive fraud.
    • Many companies are plagued by urban legends, scams, and hoaxes delivered by e-mail.
    • The thieves run scams in two ways: outright identity theft and impersonation fraud.
    • Then (of course) there are all the scams and frauds being perpetrated through the Net.
    • Restaurants, in particular, have been hit by skimming scams, especially overseas.
    • Whoever is behind the scam is a fraud and is attempting to collect personal information.
    • One need look no further than the daily newspaper to see that securities fraud is the scam du jour.
    • He first forged signatures to get hold of his inheritance, then involved his wife's family in complex life insurance scams.
    • I wonder how many hoaxes and scams are happening in that part of the world as we speak?
    • This will focus on mitigating the risk of fraud, hacking, identity theft, scams and schemes.
    • The scam tries to trick customers into giving away confidential bank details.
    • However these rules will not stop you from being scammed as a scam is more psychological than anything else.