Translation of scamp in Spanish:


bribón, n.

Pronunciation /skæmp//skamp/



  • 1

    bribón masculine informal
    bribona feminine informal
    granuja masculine
    you little scamp! ¡picarón! informal
    • Are their children adorable little scamps or perfect little angels?
    • A retreat into a redemptive enclave of winkingly open-minded post-Marxist scamps, it's nearly pristine in its high-minded tomfoolery.
    • Nothing new there, you might reply, you cheeky young scamps, and I'm hardly in much of a position to persuade you otherwise.
    • While the uber-gathering is undoubtedly for a highly worthwhile cause, both Noel and Damon have raised their hands like cheeky classroom scamps and announced that they have a few ‘issues’ with the whole thing.
    • A young scamp in the comments box gently chided me for the fact that none of my favourites were recorded later than the 1980's.
    • In that way, it's more noble than a lot of these kinds of movies: you can make an honest man out of a scamp without making him less of a man.
    • One of the main differences we'll find it in is the way the familiar angels and devils are caricatured in a innocent-looking style, but that's deceiving; they are scamps, mischievous and even violent characters.
    • You may baulk at forking out your hard-earned cash for these extravagantly self-obsessed, petulant, little scamps.
    • Apparently, many underage Korean scamps borrow adults' resident registration numbers and credit card numbers to log onto adult sites.
    • The cheating scandal upset Maxwell and Anthony so much that they put salt in his sugar, the naughty scamps.
    • My son is such a scamp for not telling me beforehand that you were coming over to dine with us tonight!
    • He tells us when he has a hangover, and he swears a lot, the scamp.
    • That's why - in a recent internal e-mail sent round the publishing company - those star-beckoning scamps placed a well-known musician atop their priority list.
    • We are supposed to think that they're adorably life-affirming, unreconstructed old scamps, but I have never seen a more charmless and conceited bunch.
    • The DVD features the entire first season, 13 episodes, that find the four scamps in every imaginable sort of scrape.
    • While their classmates were courting concussion with head-banging, these young scamps would borrow equipment from electronic stores to ‘test them out’, use them to make music, then exchange them for different items.
    • He's a bit of a charming scamp, a perfect fit for the exuberant, free-wheeling '60s.
    • Everything he's been through, no matter what life throws at him, he's still a little scamp, who loves his family and behaves like any other intelligent, sometimes naughty boy.
    • If the little scamp tries anything, I'll be on his throat in a second, as will these guards around here.
    • Dad's well aware, then, that the little scamps can't give up their penchant for… water balloons.
    • So, if you're in the Manchester area and you see someone with their fingers tightly crossed, it may not be because some cheeky young scamps have been playing games with superglue.