Translation of scandalize in Spanish:


escandalizar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈskændlˌaɪz//ˈskand(ə)lʌɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    they were scandalized se escandalizaron
    • She decided that on a day where she was not quite as tired, she would be her normal self and attempt to scandalize the prince.
    • Worse still, we seem to have fixed upon a great many varieties that scandalise me.
    • When I came to pick up the order, I was scandalized by the seemingly outrageous price and refused to accept them.
    • A person of weak morals would have gone out to scandalise his colleagues even on matters he agreed with.
    • One of my earliest convictions in becoming Catholic is that the Faith scandalizes us (different people in different ways) and that the scandal is a judgment on us, not on the Faith.
    • Unable to resist scandalising his guests still further, Hunter then delivered his pièce de résistance.
    • It found him in contempt of court, and found that he had attempted to scandalise the Family Court.
    • Some people of the old guard are still scandalised by public kissing.
    • Jesus scandalized people by speaking God's law in his own name.
    • His father has been scandalising us for years, despite repeated attempts to muzzle him.
    • The preacher's adulteries scandalize the Scripture-reading congregation of Zion Hope.
    • The people in the town liked to pay attention to made up stories that would ‘simply scandalize the neighbors!’
    • He was scandalised by her moral stand on political issues.
    • Such people are scandalized by the existence of two entirely homosexual city quarters in San Francisco.
    • Australia's continuing loss of defence capability would scandalise the Australian people if the whole truth were to be revealed.
    • As a youth he had scandalized his family by studying medicine, and had published at Rome, at great expense, a treatise on the difficulty of belching while lying down.
    • Not only did Jesus scandalize these leaders by the company he kept, he went so far as to openly confront their hypocrisy.
    • How about you pick something else to scandalize him with?
    • This profession scandalizes her mother, a member of the local gentry, a class slightly above that of most of the people Enid cares for.
    • The visitors were scandalized by the chastisements imposed by the French upon their children.