Translation of scarce in Spanish:


escaso, adj.

Pronunciation /skɛːs//skɛrs/


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    squandering their scarce reserves of oil dilapidando sus exiguas / escasas reservas de petróleo
    • to be scarce escasear
    • when food is scarce cuando escasean los alimentos
    • copies of the book were very scarce había muy pocos ejemplares del libro
    • Public money is involved, by definition a scarce resource that has many competing claims to its use.
    • This was compounded by a growing competition for scarce food resources.
    • I must eat until sated: Early humans lived in an environment in which food resources were scarce.
    • This may be so fundamental to the business that diverting scarce resources and money into longer-term plans would be wrong.
    • Difficult choices must be made in the allocation of scarce resources between current and capital expenditure.
    • Coastal land resources are scarce because of high demand and low supply.
    • Black market trading in scarce food and petrol puts inflation closer to 700%.
    • They are used to increase public health and conserve scarce resources.
    • Food was scarce and money flooded off the presses. 476 million rubles were printed in April, one billion in July.
    • In critical care, networks have been used to increase efficiency and responsiveness by combining scarce resources to iron out the effect of variations in demand.
    • Attractive though the technique appears, we must demand more from such an expensive and still scarce resource.
    • Even impoverished Southerners snubbed peanuts until food was scarce.
    • First, it would not require each country to expend scarce resources to build its own defenses against every air and missile threat.
    • I start from the basic supposition that economics is the study of allocating scarce resources and not simply the study of money.
    • Even Sarah, who was seven, understood that money was tight and food was scarce.
    • Ordinary people, after all, just want to get along with their lives, with the routine and mundane task of eking out a living out of scarce resources.
    • This can often mean fighting for scarce resources, particularly when the demands on these resources come from the normal operational demands of the business.
    • We look at cost structure, how you're spending money, how you prioritize scarce resources.
    • This will be too demanding on the scarce land resource to make the population feel comfortable.
    • They saw their families and communities through difficult times, when money was scarce and the demands of rural life were very demanding.



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    I could scarce believe it apenas podía creerlo
    • I went to the bucket but there was scarce any left.
    • In recent years, the beleaguered couple have been scarce on the social scene.
    • At that moment the beast-man charged the Kshatriya; Viro scarce had time to roll.