Translation of scarcely in Spanish:


apenas, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈskɛrsli//ˈskɛːsli/


  • 1

    I could scarcely understand what he was saying apenas podía entender lo que decía
    • I scarcely know what to answer no sé muy bien qué responder
    • there are scarcely any supplies left apenas (si) quedan provisiones
    • The reaction to it has been overwhelmingly positive with scarcely a critical voice to be heard anywhere.
    • Unfortunately you could scarcely hear them, but at least they looked to be having fun.
    • Who could blame them, the wider world had scarcely heard of the British Virgin Islands.
    • It is unfathomably silent on Broadway tonight; there's scarcely a car.
    • Kirstie sat very still, scarcely able to take in what she was hearing.
    • An acknowledged expert in finance, his budgets were received with scarcely a dissentient voice.
    • The day was calm, so calm that there was scarcely a breath of air.
    • The deep Russian bass is chanting as though through a long resonant tube, scarcely surfacing for breath.
    • She wraps one leg around the other and scarcely pauses for breath before elaborating.
    • I heard the scarcely audible click of claws on the tiles: a step, then a hesitation.
    • The argument in favour of local shops is scarcely heard.
    • Then there are those who prefer a more flexible feast, offering haggis ravioli then Scotch trifle with mango, and there's scarcely a poem to be heard or a kilt to be seen.
    • Her feet made no sound against the smooth flagstones beneath them, and her breathing was scarcely audible.
    • These days, it is scarcely legal to whisper ‘Is there any more paper?’
    • They've been crying out to be heard for so long, they could scarcely believe someone was there to listen to their stories.
    • The action scarcely draws breath in 300-odd pages of rowdy doings and closet skulduggery.
    • Democrats in Boston tacitly acknowledged the potential power of this message as the word ‘liberal’ was scarcely heard all week.
    • This, then, is not a rags to riches tale, but one of a treasure chest so scarcely concealed that the topsoil barely covered it.
    • In that moment he could scarcely breathe, and yet the air was filling his lungs like an inflated balloon, stretching them painfully.
    • He lay petrified in the elf's shirt, scarcely daring to breath.
  • 2

    (definitely not)
    ni mucho menos
    she's scarcely a pauper no es pobre ni mucho menos
    • While polling suggests Australians oppose privatisations, they are scarcely new and are seen as facts of life.
    • In such circumstances it is scarcely surprising that politics and politicians are now held in low esteem.
    • Victory over the bypass was sweet, but plans to streamline planning suggest the fight is scarcely over
    • While it certainly addresses that trickiest of topics, it can scarcely be considered a novel, at least in any conventional sense of the term.
    • On the other hand, it was certainly fostered by Charlemagne himself, without whom it would scarcely have happened.
    • Expectations, helpfully, could scarcely be lower.