Translation of scare in Spanish:


asustar, v.

Pronunciation: /skɛr//skɛː/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (animal/person) asustar
    I wasn't the least bit scared by it no me asustó nada
    • you scared me! ¡qué susto me diste!

intransitive verb

  • 1

    she doesn't scare easily no se asusta fácilmente
    • The biggest fear was one that could easily happen and was what scared them most!
    • But the upper class is scared stiff of his rise, and plots to foil his attempts through fraud.
    • If the cow gets too close to the fence co-ordinates, the collar will make a noise, or give the cow an electric shock to scare it away.
    • I realized I must look rather intimidating so I relaxed and laughed so as not to scare everyone further.
    • I suspect from the amount of screaming she did (the nurses closed the door for fear she would scare the other patients) that it hurt.
    • The word alone creates fear, and by now almost anything manages to scare a lot of Americans.
    • I had never been scared by wind before and I was shocked to have found this fear.
    • We humans love to scare ourselves, but rarely do our worst fears come to be - partly because we worry so much.
    • I know guys are supposed to be driven by their hormones at this age, but Eros was really, really scaring me with how driven he actually was.
    • They are scared stiff of what other people think, who in turn are scared stiff of what they think.
    • A masculine voice inquired from somewhere to her left, effectively scaring the living daylights out of Sydney and drawing a startled yelp from her lips.
    • A brave businesswoman who is scared stiff of sharks is set to take the charity plunge into a tank full of the fearsome fish.
    • Instilling a feeling of insecurity is the best way to scare your population into submission and frighten away potential investors.
    • He took a couple steps forward and thrust out with his sword, hoping to intimidate them or scare them away.
    • She was wasting her time, trying to scare an already badly frightened man.
    • Some are scared stiff of losing their work, others are pressured by family members not to complain.
    • The man says he is convinced that they were large, non-native cats and said he was shocked and scared by the confrontation.
    • Shock and awe rested, it was argued, ultimately on the ability to ‘frighten, scare, intimidate and disarm’.
    • With every corner she turned she had to fly past another guard, and with every door she opened another alarm would sound and scare her out of her wits.
    • This news really scared the other animals and panic was starting to grip them.


  • 1

    (fright, shock)
    susto masculine
    to give sb a scare darle un susto a algn
    • you gave me the scare of my life! ¡me diste un susto de padre y señor mío!
  • 2

    the AIDS scare spread very rapidly el pánico del sida cundió muy rápidamente
    • before noun scare campaign campaña intimidatoria
    • don't try and use scare tactics on us no intenten meternos miedo